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Huntington Lighthouse Music Festival Photo Gallery

Menacing pirates welcome Captain Bob and the VT to the Huntington Lighthouse Music Festival

Me parrot will concur, the day was bright and sunny. While Huntington landlubbers was tendin’ to their barbeques, the VT recruited Cap’n Bob to make a photo run through the pirate infested waters surrounding Huntington’s lighthouse. Cap’n Bob was not in the least intimidated by rumors of pirates runnin’ amok, boardin’ vessels and solicitin’ donations for the lighthouse. In fact Cap’n Bob said he was game for the mission even before we offered him a bottle o’rum.

Soon the anchor was weighed, the mizzen hoisted and the photographer positioned on the poop deck. With a final heave ho, Bob had our vessel underway. There was a veritable parade of watercraft making way up the harbor toward the lighthouse. Everything from glorified tractor tire inner tubes to million dollar yachts had pointed their bows in the same direction. Cap’n Bob, soaking in the sun, good vibes and the sight of dozens of boats flying the Jolly Roger, soon began speaking in full indecipherable Pirate Talk. He called us “young puppies” and shouted “May the Devil take my soul if I ever gives quarter or asks it of ye! Damn ye, yellow-bellied sapsuckers, I’m a better man than all of ye milksops put together!”

Good thing we’d arrived at the lighthouse by then and could focus our attention on shooting the scene and taking in the music while allowing Bob to rant about scurvy dogs and weevil eating parrot strangling bilge drinkers.

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