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First Fridays Concert at Heckscher Museum of Art on Sept. 3 Features FMSH Members Princess Peapod and Denise Romas

Princess Peapod

The Folk Music Society of Huntington ( is pleased to join with the Heckscher Museum of Art ( in presenting three of the FMSH’s talented member artists – Princess Peapod (the husband and wife duo of Michele Frimmer and Dave Cook) and Denise Romas – in a free First Fridays concert at the museum on Sept. 3, from 7-8:30 p.m. Located within Heckscher Park – Prime Avenue and Main Street (Route 25A) – in Huntington, the museum invites visitors to share the gift of music surrounded by the beauty of art on the First Friday of each month, with free admission after 4 p.m.

A lively acoustic duo, Princess Peapod features the rich linen-textured vocals of Michele Frimmer and the inventive harmonies and multi-layered guitar style of Dave Cook. The duo combines a fresh lyrical approach with just the right amount of crunch and groove to make for third-millennium folk at its best. Their imaginative, often reflective, sometimes quirky songwriting has a universal appeal, reaching out to a diverse audience. With their feet on the ground and heads in the clouds, Dave and Michele’s candid performances are joyful expressions of the moment.

“A beautiful voice and guitar accompaniment bring Denise Romas’ special sound to well-known songs and her own well-written and often poignant originals,” says Michael Kornfeld, FMSH’s president.  She is inspiring, heart warming and very moving — with a colorful sense of prose and lyrical mastery. Her voice is angelic, her songwriting is delicate and meaningful and her instrumentation is very tasteful.

Denise Romas

The Heckscher Museum of Art is currently celebrating its 90th anniversary and presenting its inaugural Long Island Biennial as part of that. This juried exhibition features 44 paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints and photographs selected from more than 250 entries by professional artists living on Long Island .

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