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Every Move You Make We’ll be Watching You; Judge Orders Receiver for East Northport House

Judge rules that surveillance cameras can be put on Napoli's property

The Town of Huntington Issued this release today:

Acting on an application by Huntington Town, a Suffolk County District Court Judge has ordered appointment of a temporary receiver for 42 Norton Drive in East Northport, a move aimed at stemming a recurrence of the activity that prompted the Town Board to declare the property a repeat public nuisance.

Judge C. Stephen Hackeling issued the order August 27 after a hearing at which Town attorneys presented evidence, including testimony from neighbors, chronicling arrests at the address and other activity that the Judge concluded “demonstrates the possible existence of multiple, continuing violations of the New York State and Huntington Town Laws and ordinances and that the neighbors of the defendant would suffer irreparable injury” without the appointment of a receiver. Named in the suit was the property’s owner, Salvatore Napoli.

The receiver, whom Judge Hackeling will select from a list of three names to be provided by the Town, will have the authority to inspect the interior of the house up to twice a week, to install security cameras on the exterior of the house and to hire security agents to patrol the exterior.

Judge Hackeling also continued the order restraining Napoli from violating Town ordinances and State and Town laws and from having communication or contact with any neighbors who filed affidavits or testified at the hearing.

“Our concern all along centered on how the activity at 42 Norton has created a public nuisance that seriously is affecting neighbors’ quality of life,” Supervisor Frank P. Petrone said. “Judge Hackeling’s order, appointing a receiver with the authority to monitor activity inside and outside 42 Norton, is a good first step toward eliminating the activity that produced the nuisance and restoring to residents the peaceful enjoyment of their own property and of the neighborhood.”

The Town Board authorized the action against Napoli following a hearing at the Aug. 3 Town Board meeting. The Board deemed the property a repeat public nuisance under Chapter 50 of the Town Code because of multiple arrests at that location within the past year for offenses listed in the Code. Other remedies under the Code include eviction of the occupants or tenants and/or seizure and forfeiture of the property.

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9 comments to Every Move You Make We’ll be Watching You; Judge Orders Receiver for East Northport House

  • Anon

    This is exactly what should have been happening in Huntington Station for the past ten years. Now unfortunately every third or fourth house has some sort of public nuisance issue which makes it hard for the current home owners to rid themselves of the “badseeds” and ensure a better quality of life

    Now that it has been done in East Northport can the town at least start the process of taking back the Station area, PLEASE.

  • Frank stinks

    Where is Frank when it comes to the area around JAI?

    He is the single largest reason there will be incumbent backlash in the coming years. He stinks. Bye Bye Susan and Glenda!

  • ummm

    When your finally done with the cameras after you finally put this guy in jail we need the cameras over here, in Huntington Station. How did they get them in so darn quick? Maybe we just need some more hookers and need to broadcast porn?

  • You have got to be kidding me!

    In Huntington Station the town would just use the cameras to see who is putting up all the “Stop Avalon and Downzoning Huntington” signs.

    The signs are growing like weeds!

  • great legacy

    You want to know why this was done so quickly? Because Mark Cutherberson lives in East Northport. This is what happens when NOT ONE town board member lives in Huntington!!!

    Get rid of the clowns!

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