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Suffolk Unveils New Huntington Station Zone Within Second Precinct

Public safety vehicle parked on Tower Street off of Loundes Avenue near Alison Huntington station

County Executive Levy, Legislator D’Amaro, Police Commissioner Dormer announce focused patrols in active crime area with this press release today:

Suffolk police officials will be further ramping up crime prevention efforts by designating an ‘Impact Zone’ within Huntington Station where an additional patrol car will supplement existing sector cars, foot patrols and additional police coverage that has been put in place.

County Executive Steve Levy and Suffolk Legislator Lou D’Amaro, along with Suffolk Police Commissioner Richard Dormer, have announced the creation of a ‘sector within a sector’ that will utilize a new impact zone patrol car concentrating on Lowndes Avenue, Academy Place, Church Street and Allison Court and the Huntington Station area as a whole. Officers working as part of the new patrol will concentrate on crime suppression and quality of life issues, with the purpose of further improving the security and safety of residents.

Levy noted that the new ‘Impact Zone’ approach is part of a multi-pronged effort to further enhance police presence in Huntington Station, including basing a Suffolk police officer at the area’s Community Outreach Center, increasing the hours of intensive patrols, employing ‘park and walk’ patrols at strip shopping centers, and increasing attention at known hot spots of criminal activity. “We are committed to ridding this community of gangs, guns, drugs and random violence,” said Levy. “The ‘Impact Zone’ will provide a highly focused and formidable law enforcement effort.”

Legislator D’Amaro added, “By taking this block-by-block approach, our goal is to shield this area from violent criminal activity.”

Commissioner Dormer noted that Suffolk officials have worked with Huntington Town to increase the use of surveillance cameras in the area, and coordinated enforcement efforts are in place involving federal, state and other county law enforcement agencies. This is in addition to the foot patrol post and special units installed over the last several months.

The county has also pledged to work with the town to identify and address housing issues in the community, including illegal apartments and code violations and is supporting state legislation allowing the town to create a Code Violations Bureau to more quickly and efficiently prosecute persons charged with violating town codes.

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17 comments to Suffolk Unveils New Huntington Station Zone Within Second Precinct

  • Believe it When I See It

    This is a recurring press release, at least 10 years running, while violence increases. The county has failed us, and badly.

    Sad to say it looks like this years crime numbers are showing to that this is the most bloodshed the town has ever seen.

  • michael

    they have been saying the same thing for the last 20 years, and has gotten worse.

  • Huntington Hal

    Who do they think they’re fooling? Levy is great at sending out press releases, isn’t he? I’m sick of hearing more of the same BS.

    BTW, can someone explain why Levy’s release quotes Lou D’Amaro, a legislator from Deer Park? What does D’Amaro know about this neighborhood anyway??

  • Lou

    Lou D’Amaro represents North Babylon, Deer Park and parts of Huntington (including parts of Huntington Station, South Huntington and Melville.)

  • Huntington Hal

    Yeah, but D’Amaro doesn’t represent THIS part of Huntington Station. His district doesn’t even come close to Lowndes Avenue, Church Street, etc. I’m just wondering why he’s getting involved with this…

  • Well this is simply wonderful and I am certain that Mr. Pertrone and his merry band of misfit councilman feel great that this police effort will give them cover as they head into the 2011 elections. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact that we need to again focus on crime in Huntington Station shows that we have never fixed the proximate cause of the crime in this community. The true criminals here are the Town Council because they have year after year failed to tackle the proximate cause of crime which is an overabundance of Section 8 Housing and illegal accessory apartments.

    I have seen the S.C.P.D.’s action plan so now where is our Town Council’s Action Plan? Do they know what and action plan in and if they do, do they know how to implement it? Do they have the stomach that it will take to fight the fights that the left wing liberal groups will give them. Remember, left wing liberal groups must have an underclass of victims they claim they need to protect. Take the Huntington Township Housing Coalition. They will fight any proactive crackdown on accessory apartments to the death because that means less victims that need their so called “support”.

    Let’s face it folks the Town of Huntington will not participate in any major crackdown on illegal housing and and more Section 8 housing until Brenda Jackson and Susan Berland are voted out of office in 2011. We could only hope that Mr. Petrone and Mr. Cuthberston find religion and resign their positions in advance of the elections. They must realize that their tenure in office has not only been ineffective it has been an absolute failure. Are we better off now then we were 10 years ago? The answer is obvious and the answer is of course NO!

    This coming November we will see the ouster of many of the old guard in Congress. One our our local members of Congress Steve Israel is hopefully one that will be ousted as well. I have met his opponent Mr. John Gomez a number of times now am firmly convinced that he is the man for the job and I know proudly have two lawn signs with his name.

    Folks, 2011 is far off and alot can happen. We must remain mad at what has transpired these past few months. Our Town Council has failed us and they are still trying to “”downzone Huntington Station in an effort to grow the community. What is wrong with these people? This is not NYC. Has anyone seen Elmont or Floral Park these days? As a kid these were Nassau County towns and technically still are. However, if you go their you would swear that you are in Queens.

    The MTA can’t run it’s own business and now they want to try and reshape the future of Huntington Station?

    Please call Town Hall and voice your concerns. This is madness.

    Also, join the “Town of Huntington Voters Block” on Facebook. Let’s vote these bums out and vote as a block! That’s how the left wing liberal groups do it, so can we. There is hope but you must stay made and vote!

  • You have got to be kidding me!

    When do we see pictures of politicians with physically big checks. Can’t be too far away! Wait for it……………

  • ummmm

    same empty car? been there for a year now

  • Chris K.

    It’s no secret that D’Amaro is Levy’s best buddy in the Legislature. After all, his wife works for Levy as county attorney and he knows he’s got to do Levy’s bidding or else she’s out of a job. What a wuss.

  • Mom

    Tower street, Lowndes ave crime shootings. Huntington Station residents, do you know that the Town has dumped a lot in this town. There are “Homeless Shelters” on Tower streer, and also Alison Court. Alison Court is a streer near Tower Street, this is also perhaps a contribute to crime. Why not, remove the shelters to Huntington Village. Perhaps the Flower School could be closed next, because of the crime in the area.

  • Marina O.

    Proof is in the pooding. Holding my breath X’/

  • Huntington Hal

    How is this so-called “Impact Zone” any different from last year when they also assigned an extra patrol car to Huntington Station? As I recall, the patrol was later pulled out of HS after the initial media coverage died down.

    This is all a press stunt. If and when they reopen the police annex, then I’ll believe they’re getting serious.

  • Carl LaFong

    Be that as it may it has not materially affected my ability to buy crack and negotiate with a willing female{or unreasonable facsimile thereof}for a massage with happy ending, all withing sight of my Daughter’s {former} school.

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