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Swallow Restaurant: Keeping it Loose, Fun and Tasty in Huntington Village

James Tchinnis in front of his soon to be open Swallow Restaurant

James Tchinnis is a man who feels happiest when he’s fed you a great meal…my kind of guy. Swallow, his newest restaurant in Huntington is the culmination of hard work and big dreams. He spent years at Manhattan’s French Culinary School, worked with top chefs and even started with a small French Bistro in Northport.  Although the restaurant closed, James is not complaining, it’s where he met his wife Julie.

His vision for Swallow is to have a restaurant that is a “cozy, warm and happy” place for his guests.  Although it’s a work in progress with ladders and boxes in every corner, already you can feel that he’s got it  right. The menu will be American with a southern twist.  For anyone who has spent some time in New Orleans you’ll get the vibe as soon as you enter. From the rustic brick walls, antique cabinets and crystal chandelier it has that French Quarter anything goes and everything is fun flavor to it.

Rustic brick walls and antique cupboard (behind the boxes on the bar)

James just “love, love loves” what he does and is psyched that he will be cooking in a kitchen that is open to the dining room where he can interact with diners and enjoy their delight in his culinary skills.  Local fruits, veggies, seafood and liquor will be graciously served. He has beer and wine for his September opening and is planning on getting a full liquor license in the future.

Kitchen is behind the bar and open to the dining room

In addition to daily specials, the menu offers such tantalizing items as fried green tomatoes with asiago, horseradish and mayo, fried chicken, biscuits, gravy and buttery greens, grilled salmon with black eyed pea corn compote and much more.

Crystal chandeliers

The menu is priced very reasonably with everything under $20. The jazz brunch with mimosas, shrimp and oysters sounds like just the ticket to relax with a group of good friends for a great time on a Sunday afternoon.  In typical New Orleans fashion he will also be serving a late night menu until 1am.  For the city that never sleeps that may not be considered late but for Huntington that is a gift for those who enjoy real food after most of the other kitchens close down.

Swallow is located at New York Avenue , Huntington NY 11743 ( where Kozy Kettle used to be)

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5 comments to Swallow Restaurant: Keeping it Loose, Fun and Tasty in Huntington Village

  • hi julie & jimmy, oh maybe i should say “jules.”.. but we know you when it was the spotto days.. i spoke with laurel in montauk, she told me about the new restaurant.. we can’t wait, along with all your loyal customers.. much good luck & i can’t wait to see you both. love huntington & your location is perfect!
    best of luck you deserve success as you both work so hard to please everyone in this business.
    -love, fran & gary
    need to see pictures of “baby”!!

  • Hey Jim,remember me from the old Peerless days/Empire Wines(Bin 56) how are you! congratulations to you.I left my card inside the door the other day.My cell # is 1-631-521-1005.looking foward to hopefully working with you on some of your wines.Again,congratulations1 i know that you will do great here.Anything i can do to help,just reach out for me.Talk soon,Pete

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jim & Jules,
    Wish you nothing but the best of luck. I cannot wait to come down to “swallow”. I think the name is brilliant and anticipate the menu to be as well. Much love and support always.
    -Your boy,
    Matthew Eberhardt
    -ps see you soon!

  • This restaurant is FABULOUS!!!! The atmosphere is very upbeat comfortable & very cozy.

    We ate there on Saturday evening the dishes have some imagination. It’s very undescribable you must go & treat yourself.

    I promise you will not be disapointed!

    Eileen & LOU

  • Anonymous

    I guess you can’t have a dissenting opinion on this site. I posted about an awful dining experience there and it was deleted. So much for freedom of speech (or is it more like appease the little close knit(wit) community.) Thank you for squelching my opinion. I guess mediocre food is all it takes to make people happy.

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