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Why we only sell “day boat” or “dry” scallops
The term “day boat” indicates that the boats catching the scallops return to shore to at the end of each day, rather than spending days at sea. We buy our scallops from day boat fishermen who work scallop beds near the east end of Long Island.  Natural, untreated scallops are also often called “dry” scallops.

There are many scallop beds much further out at sea and harvesting those beds requires scallop fishing boats to stay at sea for many days. Unlike mussels and clams, scallops cannot live for long after being pulled from the water. The fishing boats shuck them almost immediately. Shucked scallops are kept fresh on ice by day boat fishermen. This doesn’t work for deeper sea operations because the scallops would be spoiled by the time the fishing boat returns to dock. Scallops harvested by boats that are out at sea for more than a day must be frozen and/or treated with preservatives.

Scallops lose moisture when stored, frozen and defrosted. To reduce this loss on boats that are at sea for more than a day, scallops are soaked in a solution of sodium tripolyphosphate (STP). Scallops are like a sponge and will readily soak up liquids. STP is sometimes used to make the scallops absorb more water than they would naturally hold and increase beyond their original weight. This is illegal, but sometimes it is done anyway.

Look for these signs of chemical treatment:

  • Color is white or bleached looking.
  • Scallops are sitting in an excess of milky liquid.
  • Scallops are unusually large or falling apart.
  • Needless to say, we’re proud of our locally caught, natural scallops that won’t add a chemical cocktail to your family’s dinner table.

    More Shellfish
    Jeff’s has steamers, little necks and mussels fresh off the dock and ready for your summer clambake.

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    We buy our seafood fresh and in small batches every day to ensure the freshest fish for your family.

    Our staff is ready to help you pick your fish and provide guidance on the best way to prepare it.

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