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Huntington Union Free School District Board of Education Special Meeting

Jack Abrams Building

Huntington’s BOE called a special meeting this Wednesday, August 18th at 8:30 AM. It will be held at the Jack Abrams School, 155 Lowndes Avenue , Huntington Station , NY

The only item on the on the agenda is personnel.

Don’t forget that next week  on Tuesday, August 24, from 6 a.m. – 9 p.m there will be a vote on a Capital Reserve Referendum at Huntington High School Oakwood & McKay Roads Huntington, New York. Details from the HUFSD on the referendum can be looked at here.

In order to vote you must be a U.S. citizen, 18 years of age or older,  a resident of the Huntington School district for at least 30 days and registered to vote in a general election or with the school district.

If you are unavailable on the 24th you can get an absentee ballot :

Applications for absentee ballots may be applied for at the District Clerk’s office at the Administrative Offices, 50 Tower Street, Huntington Station, at least seven days before the referendum if the ballot is to be mailed to the voter or up to the day before the referendum if the ballot is to be delivered personally to the voter. Absentee ballots must be returned by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, August 24 for them to be counted in the Capital Reserve referendum related to renovations, reconstruction and an addition at Woodhull Intermediate School.

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66 comments to Huntington Union Free School District Board of Education Special Meeting

  • Please Vote Yes!!

    Please vote YES.
    A YES vote is a vote for what is best for our children !!!Our children will thank you.

    • Mom

      Please vote “NO”, The education board did not give the parents or community input about the closing of the Jack Abrams closing. The school district to the primarly will be overcrowded. Their will be 25-30 students to a classroom. The extra classroom will not happen before September. Violence in the area shootings in the area,closing the school will not help the problem.

      You try to fix the problem, not give up. The students will suffer 25-30 students to a class, students will not learn. Boycott the schools, Rosa Parks boycotted the buses. Boycott the school until the re-open of the school. The over-crowded school will be a disgrace to the Huntingto School district.

    • Mom

      Please Huntington district vote NO. The Huntington district is spending money to expland the Woodhull school. Do that make sense, Jack Abrams school is a beautiful school. Closing a school is crazy. Are you telling me that if their is a lot of crime in a area the board will be closing schools. The board school be using the monies else where for our children. The primarly school were just managing.To over-crowded the stsudents is just not fair to our children. They need to learn not to be confused.

  • Anonymous

    I support the BOE and its decisions.When the BOE asks for money to be released,we should trust that they have a need for it.Give them what they ask for.VOTE YES !!

  • Anonymous


  • mom

    listen, bottom line here folks….woodhull needs the extra space no matter how you cut it. kids in ja or kids out of ja. our schools are in a perpetual state of disarray lately. lets not add to the pit of hell by voting no. all our children will be going up through woodhull, we need those extra classrooms. it is way more crucial than any other school at this time. our primaries can handle the overcrowding, our one and only intermediate can not. we have already been taxed on this money it is sitting in wait for the go ahead to start the building onto wh. vote yes on the 24th of august.

  • also a mom

    Actually, our primaries CANNOT handle the overcrowding (that’s actually really upsetting to hear someone say that) AND a NO vote is not a spite vote, so stop churning the rumor mill–we have enough anger in this community. If the BOE wanted to show some real leadership they would have delayed this vote because the money they want for Woodhull was proposed and voted on way before the schools were reconfigured and the already jam-packed primaries now further stuffed to its limits. We need to put that money into a bigger plan–still to be determined, but should be completed within the month–that would address the overcrowding in all of our schools, not just the one that already has AT LEAST been addressed with pre-paid portables over the next 3 years.

  • It's not spite

    Until there’s a plan, i’m voting “no.” The BOE has no idea what the long-term plan for the district. Its crazy to give them 2 million dollars right now, actually its crazy for them to ask for 2 million dollares right now as they have no idea what the configuration of grades will be in the furture, whether and when JAI will come back into the mix. Its not spite, its reason. Get a plan, then ask for money.

  • My Town Too

    Voting no is only delaying the start of building much needed space in Woodhull. It has ALWAYS been crowded in that building, so no matter what configuration it ends up having in a few years, the space is needed NOW regardless.

    Voting no isn’t going to get added space in the primaries for this coming year, not even for the next year. To add more space on the four primaries, we will need to have a bond issue. So when the LRP Comm hands in it’s decision and the Board considers what they will do, and the architects draw up plans, and the Board approves those, and the district sends it all to the state, and we wait months for the state to approve (or not) and we put out bids and accept bids and construction finally starts…. IT IS GOING TO BE SEVERAL YEARS!

    Voting YES now is the most wise decision to make at this time. We are NOT losing regular state aid on this project.

    And for what it’s worth – my kids are all graduated so I don’t have a personal stake in this. But I’ll tell you, we will vote YES as will both MY parents in their 80’s – we support our district.

  • Nick Wieland-Hunt sta

    So what the plan? Do you know? Does the board know? NO!

    Let’s spend money cause there is a perfectly good school available. NO!

    Oh and long term with TOD/Avalon, etc… Need to plan for that.
    No plan no funds.
    No jai no bond!
    Everyone I know is voting NO.

  • Nick Wieland-Hunt sta

    Boe is suppose to protect the districts money and be fiscally responsible. With no long term plan you can not be fiscally responsible, just reactionary to the irresponsible vote to close an asset needed.

    From fiscal standpoint the 4 members that voted to close jai need to resign.

  • PTA member

    There is a PTA Co-President that is asking people to vote no on the bond vote on her facebook page. This is against PTA rules and this person should NOT be a PTA President if they are encouraging a no vote.

    PTA is supposed to inform PTA members of a vote, not how to vote.

    I encourage school district #3 voting citizens to research your vote, and not be swayed by a facebook post.

    Be responsible!

    • also a mom

      Meanwhile, the PTA of one of the primaries–either Southdown or Flower Hill–sent an email to all parents on their email list to tell them to vote YES. So, let’s not throw stones.

      • Another PTA member

        The PTA that sent the letter advocating a yes vote was Flower Hill. The PTA co-president referred to stated her view on her personal facebook page. She did not send a letter, or in any way abuse her position. She is certainly allowed to state her personal views, as long as it is clear she is speaking as a taxpayer and district resident, not on behalf of the PTA.
        PTA member’s post has the feel of a personal attack.

    • Shari

      As a parent AND a PTA Co-President, I am very upset by the comments made by the PTA member.

      Fact #1 – PTA Presidents can speak in public as long as they are NOT speaking on behalf of the PTA.

      Fact #2 – Facebook page is to some extent a private page. Her friends, family, acquaintances can look at her page if she allows them. She is speaking as herself, its her page, its her right. She did not say on behalf of the 123456 School I want you to do this or do that.

      Please dont keep pushing the envelope.

      There was an email sent from a PTA, HOWEVER, its done. Im assuming its an error. People make mistakes and act irrational from time to time. Stop nitpicking and enjoy the rest of your summer.

      • Tracy Tucker

        I am responsible for the email going out from the Flower Hill PTA NOT Susan Cataldo. As a NEW president I made a mistake, simple as that. The PTA is a volunteer job and I am only human. I apologize to anyone who was offended by the email. PTA council is aware, there is no “investigation” End of rumor!!!!!!

  • my town also... VOTE YES!

    My children are also not affected by this vote either, and I am voting YES. All of the buildings need to be updated and to be bigger. I would vote yes to add on to ANY building in our school district, it only helps our district and our children.

    BTW… many people that attend the BOE meetings are NOT voting members of school district #3. They should NOT be allowed to speak at our BOE meetings. They should have no influence of how to vote in our school district. Go to your own district!

  • Sell JAI

    Sell JAI and use the money to build on to WH.

  • andrea

    Flower hill PTA- SHAME ON YOU!! you were the ones sending out letters telling people to vote yes, which is a clear violation of PTA policy!!

    • Shame on you

      Andrea- Please see comment above from Tracy Tucker. How much time do you spend volunteering or do you just spend your time complaining?

    • I’m assuming you think you are by attacking a volunteer that spends countless hours working for the good of our children.
      Shame on you….think about the example you set for your own children every day before you speak!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe if we vote yes and they build onto Woodhull they can move 4th grade back there? Why say no and prolong the problems?

  • Vineyard Vin

    No! BOE should be forced to go back to neighborhood schools.Sending children crosstown so they can associate with those of low standard is gross negligence by the school district.Our children should go to Southdown and FH respectively and kids over on that side of town should go to Huntington El.End of discussion.

    • Can You Say ISM?

      Please tell me you have no children. You certainly have no Soul. SHAME ON YOU.

    • station girl

      oh vineyard vin, what happened? you couldn’t afford CSH or Lloyd harbor?? -Did you know you are low standard to them. Why don’t you come over to HS – I would LOVE to show you around “the hood”

    • Huntington Station

      Vineyard Vin! Shame on you! You should be ashamed of yourself. You open your mouth and you just throw up. Please, speak, write and think no more!!!!

    • Blue Bedeviled

      Amen! Finally there is someone who speaks what is right.I am surprised the treehugging leftie loons fail to realize that we are creating a bigger carbon footprint by shuffling kids all over the district. Shame on us!

  • Lauren

    I agree anonymous but we need a plan before I vote YES. If the plan is to make 4-5-6 at WH from now until further notice I am all for a a YES vote. If it’s to keep the present configuration then NO the primaries need it more. No bond is going to pass so this may be all we get for a long time. A PLAN BOE A PLAN IS WHAT WE NEED!!!!

  • Lauren

    @Vineyard Vin-WOW! Tell us how you really feel.

  • jeff

    WOW! At least I can go to bed tonight knowing that the anonymous, unmoderated cesspool that is the VT comment section is still spewing it’s ridiculous filth all over Huntington.

    Sadly this forum will never be taken seriously by anyone with a moral compass until VT decides to do away with the anonymous comment section. Anonymity serves no practical purpose here, it only allows morons to rant unsupervised. People need to “own” their position(s), not throw stones from behind the cloak of anonymity.

    Do fools like Vineyard Vin really deserve a voice? VT-time to “man up” and take control of your product! Are you up to the challenge?

    And before I forget >>> VOTE NO on the 24th-it’s the fiscally responsible thing to do!

  • Heather

    I havent gotten an email yet from FH PTA retracting their Vote Yes email. I think the PTA Presidents from Flower Hill should step down or be asked to leave…

    • Shame on you

      Heather see above comment from Tracy Tucker. Oh by the way I have NEVER seen you at a PTA meeting.

      • Another PTA member

        To Shame on you: Since you have taken the time to comment on several posts, please also take the time to check the dates and times of the posts critical of the Flower Hill PTA’s e-mail. They were all made prior to Tracy’s mea culpa.
        Congrats to Tracy for taking responsibility for her actions.

      • Heather

        Shame on you…

        I always go to the first meeting, which is usually at night….as for the others that are at 9:30 am? i am at work…not that its any of your business…..

        and it doesnt mean a hill of Beans…i am a member, i pay my dues….please dont tell me how to vote, thank you.

    • Enuf

      Please give it up. It is a volunteer job for goodness sake.

    • Asking a volunteer that has spent & will spend countless hours benefitting your child to step down over an e-mail??????
      Unless you’re ready to step up & do the job, or even show up at PTA meetings you’re not one to talk!

  • Shari

    I cannot believe the things I am seeing on this site. Why dont we just go back to segregation Vineyard Vin? I believe we had that awhile back. Its dispicable. Are you going to start on the religion factor too? Im ready when you are if you go that route

  • catherine

    flower hill PTA should ALL step down. They have not retracted their letter and they are single handedly destroying this district.

  • marc

    Can’t wait to see how many flowerhill parents complain about this coming years low test scores and overcrowding in ALL schools. Also, I am assuming thatsince Paci’s kids won’t have to go to big bad huntington station for school, that they will all leave St Pats.

  • to "also a mom"

    Then you are always welcome to run for the BOE. You can get an application in the Administration office to run for office next May.

    As a HHS parent, I think the BOE is doing the best job they can do working with this Administration and these parents.

    There is no answer to the problems of this school district, thanks to Town Hall and previous BOE’s who sold off all the buildings. (Wouldn’t the YMCA/village green made a perfect Middle School? Shouldn’t have sold it!)

    Whoever elected Town Hall is responsible for this mess. I don’t know how they have stayed in office and continue to get re-elected. I think there needs to be an investigation of all their behavior. I have said it on numerous occasions, if this were the private sector, the Town would never get away with it.

    • also a mom

      I have great respect for those who volunteer their time, as the BOE members do. I agree that our Town/County/State are at fault for not addressing crime in our community, and the underlying conditions that help nurture it. HOWEVER, I have never agreed with closing the school and the subsequent overcrowding in our primaries. I am not alone in this belief, as you are not alone in wanting the school closed for your own reasons. I also do not agree with pursuing the $2 million referendum that was proposed when we were facing a completely different scenario months ago (4/5 at Woodhull/ 6 at JAI). I would ask the BOE to stop and plan and stop making hasty decisions that continue our downward spiral.

  • Anonymous

    don’t forget about the SD/WH Mom’s who made Dwyer make the decision to close JAI. It makes me sick that they are so pleased now and don’t even care about the overcrowding anymore. When WH was 4th/5th and JA 6th gr ctr that’s all they could talk about.

  • Nick Wieland-Hunt sta

    Need a plan, longterm.
    So what the plan? Do you know? Does the board know? NO!

    Let’s spend money cause there is a perfectly good school available. NO!

    Oh and long term with TOD/Avalon, etc… Need to plan for that.
    No plan no funds.
    No jai no bond!
    Everyone I know is voting NO.

  • My Town Too

    Nick, the fact that the district will be getting X# of children from Avalon is precisely the reason we should use the funds available now for expanding Woodhull. If it is going to be a 4-6 school again then it needs to be a bit more comparable to JAI. It has always been crowded. So no matter what new configuration is finally decided upon, the space will be used and needed at Woodhull.

    Waiting only increases costs of construction. Now is the time to build when the economy is down. Delaying this vote or voting no in hopes of something “better” is foolish both in terms of finances and time.

    Want to add onto the primaries? Sure, that will be needed as well. But if you think this particular $2 million is going to cover that expense, you have another guess coming. That’s why a bond issue will be necessary. I have faith that JAI will be reopened in the future and that building along with all the others with their new additions will be necessary for our added population.

    Think forward. Be proactive. All you “NO” voters are being reactive to the closing of JAI.

    And to Vineyard Vin – there will never be true neighborhood schools anymore. The district must have balance across the buildings with our minority population, that’s the mandate from an old federal ruling against us many decades ago. So if you think you can force the BOE into giving you a lily-white school, think again, and move. Good luck finding that lily-white school, there aren’t any on LI. Low standard? OMG. There are some minority kids, or kids in poverty, who have more brains/motivation/high standards than some of our upper class idiots – so get real.

  • woodhull mother

    first of all this thread is geeting silly with the comments from vinyard vin or whatever he calls himself. he is just trying to stir the pot. dont fall into his childish bait. We need to vote yes for a number of reasons. Primarily because at this time we have one intermediate school, not 2. This school needs more classrooms. We can not vote based on what might happen with Avalon Bay because we do not know at this time. Precisely why we can not vote with JAI as a factor. It is not a factor because it is closed to school children.SO we have to vote on what we have today and today we have overcrowding everywhere. VOTE YES!!

  • vote yes- vote yes!!!..

    woodhull mother has got it right. we do not now what the boe will vote in terms of jai and we do not know what the town will vote in regards to avalon bay. At this moment we do not have ja as a school and ab has not been built. what we do know is that all of our district will be impacted by NOT voting to build onto woodhull. all of our children will go through woodhull, vote YES. A no vote is a spite vote. Just wrong!

  • michael



  • Anonymous

    I can not afford my property taxes now. Barely working and bills keep coming in. Taxes must stop increasing otherwise you are going to have a ghost town on your hands. Enforce our laws like Arizona is doing. Americans are starving too!

  • vote yes on 8-24

    Here is the sad truth. Two individuals with in our district, ( R.S. and A.S.) continue to fuel the division in our school community. AS is now leading an effort to defeat the 8-24 capital reserve vote to provide our kids with additional classroom space at Woodhull. Last may A.S. ran for the school board on his paltform, and the simple fact is he lost. It is time to move on and focus on the kids ,not POLITICS. Our kids need and deserve the space.
    I am personally voting YES at Huntington High School on Tuesday August 24th. This vote will release 2 million dollars from the capital reserve to build classrooms at Woodhull. The district has raised the money through savings on other building projects, so there will be no increase in taxes to construct this space. If we do not do this now it means 3 more years of overcrowding at Woodhull. Dont ALL of our kids deserve better!!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, this is not personal and should not be reflected as such. This is about doing the proper thing for all the children in our community and in our schools. I can only help affect the change for the latter. Voting yes on 8-24.

  • adam rebecca




  • vote no

    Vote no because we don’t get $$$ anymore to build from the State…

    Vote no because the primary schools (especially Washington NEED improvements yesterday.)

    Vote no because voting yes is financially crazy!

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