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Another Jericho Tea Party



The Conservative Society for action convened another tea party this past Sunday on Jericho Turnpike outside the Suffolk County Democratic Party offices.  The intended theme of the rally was to support Arizona in their tough anti-immigration stance which has set up a battle with the Obama administration and the federal government.  About 50 rallyers showed up and the majority seemed more interested in voicing their support for John Gomez’s candidacy and/or opposition to local Democrats than they were in the Arizona situation.  Huntington Bay Mayor Herb Morrow said he was there to show his support for Gomez.  Morrow says he voted twice for Steve Israel, but the Israel he voted for is not the same man who holds office today.  Morrow went on to say that he’s one of John Gomez’s biggest fans.

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3 comments to Another Jericho Tea Party

  • mcrocker

    i do not believe your story, sorry. just like the democrat who was spat on & called racist names during the health care debate’s walk of shame. 100,000 was offered for proof. no one could produce any evidence. i like how you got in sexism and racism in your propaganda piece. you fail!

  • Anonymous

    It is obvious who wrote this article, what side they are on. It says “tough anti immigration stance”

    Well it only mirrors federal law what is so tough about that? And anti immigration? I believe they were only protesting the illegal aliens, NOT immigrants.

    I guess if I wanted to discredit them I would say they shouted profanity at me too. Face it, it is over. You can call them what you want(I call them Patriots) the laws must be enforced and what ever gains people have received from illegals being here should be used to get them out of the country. Arrest employers who hire illegals! Those who support illegals are just as criminal.
    No more anchor babies
    Use E-verify
    Get rid of the progressives!

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