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More Delays Ahead for Huntington Village’s NY Avenue Improvement Project

Route 110 on a rainy day

Since 1992, the  residents of Huntington have been hopeful that the Route 110 drainage and improvement project would be well into construction by now.  The stretch of Route 110/ New York Avenue that runs from Hecksher Park to Halesite is a huge inconvenience to residents with it’s uneven/potholed pavement and it’s predisposition to flood with every heavy rain.With the sketchy NY State budget situation this year everyone had their fingers crossed that Albany would not abandon us this time.  The good news is that eight months into the year, we have a budget and the money is still in place for this long overdue project. The bad news is that the Dept. of Transportation is accusing the contractor who was awarded the job of completely dropping the ball because the contractor allowed their bid to expire by not filing paperwork necessary for an extension.  The bottom line is that even though there’s money in the budget to move forward, the DOT does not have a contractor in place to do the work and in fact must re-do the entire contractor selection process.  Many residents are very upset about this latest news. The mayor of  Huntington Bay, Herb Morrow said, “This is a critical infrastructure project to make the area safe for the public, protect the business owners in the area  and to help offset negative environmental impacts in Huntington Harbor. We have been told over and over again for years that the State was going to take care of this. Last year I was told ground breaking was in the fall – then early spring, then late spring – and now we are told late 2011 at the earliest. When a storm comes, lives can be in danger, businesses are hurt and the already understaffed Suffolk County Police are called on to protect the area, taking them away from other more critical work in the 2nd Precinct. Another example of the consistent failure of our State Government.”

We spoke with a very pleasant Margaret Conklin at the Department of Transportation office (DOT) who identified the next steps.  The DOT has sent the paperwork back up to Albany where they will re-package it and put it back out to bid for 45 days, she said. They will award it to the qualified contractor with the lowest bid. With the contractor in place there will be an open house where community members can meet the engineer in charge (EIC) and  the contractor to ask questions and learn about what to expect while the road is worked on. After all, these people are going to have a very close relationship with residents as they work on this project for the next 18-24 months. Margaret assured us that everyone at the DOT wants this project to happen and they are frustrated with the hold ups due to the budget and latest contractor as well. If all goes as planned the work should begin this fall with relocating utilities and other engineering work continuing through the cold winter months.  If you think that you’ve heard all of this before then it might be time to get out there and start blowing on dandelions, wishing on stars and stocking up on four leaf clovers.

Here is  a link to an overview of the project: /

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