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Marcellino and Conte Outraged that After 19 Years and $19 Million, Route 110 is Stuck in the 1920’s

Senator Carl Marcellino and Assemblyman James Conte

Today a press conference was held at Creek Road and New York Avenue/Route 110.  This is the stretch of NY Avenue where stalled and abandoned cars bob along in a road river every time there is  heavy rainfall.  Senator Carl Marcellino and Assemblyman James Conte expressed their extreme displeasure over the delay, once again, on NY State’s DOT’s Route 110 drainage and improvement project.  Senator Marcellino  and Assemblyman Conte said they, along with other elected officials, have worked very hard  to secure the $19 million to fix this stretch of road that hasn’t been significantly upgraded since it was first constructed in the late 1920’s.  This project has been in the works for 19 years and Senator Marcellino believed that the DOT had a contractor and was preparing to get to work.  It was just this morning when he read an article in the VT that he realized the project is once again stalled.  In an early morning conversation with Herb Morrow, the Mayor of Huntington Bay, he was told of the anger from the Huntington Bay residents and local businesses, who are highly affected every time this roadway floods. Marcellino is outraged and called the DOT only to find out that after the first contractor failed to deliver the necessary papers on time, the second in line was not considered viable.  He questioned why this contractor was even allowed to bid if the DOT did not deem him competent.

This project essentially affects everyone on Long Island due to the runoff from the sewers and roadways polluting the harbor every time the roadway floods.  Long Islanders are proud of and dependent on their beautiful water and beaches.  When the project is completed, it will lessen the pollution by diverting the water into a culvert, which naturally filters the water before it flows back into Huntington Harbor and Long Island Sound.

“The endless trail of bureaucrats fiddling while Rome burns is legendary.  Everyone recognizes the problem on 110, but no one seems motivated to fix it.  I will not rest until you can safely travel this area without carrying a lifejacket in your backseat” said Marcellino.

New York Avenue and Creek Road; otherwise known as (cue the Jaws soundtrack) "The flood zone"

“This has been the #1 project priority in Huntington for many years, it is unconscionable that the DOT has yet more delays,” said Assemblyman Conte.

Senator Marcellino and Assemblyman Conte have vowed to “beat up” on the DOT.  They promised to stay on this project and make sure the bid is awarded to a competent contractor and the project set into motion in a timely fashion.

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35 comments to Marcellino and Conte Outraged that After 19 Years and $19 Million, Route 110 is Stuck in the 1920’s

  • My Town Too

    Not for nothin’ guys, but where have you been for 19 years?

    I would think that perhaps after just a few years you might be wondering why the DOT wasn’t moving on this project, but you wait for 19 years and only hear about it second-hand? Something isn’t right with this picture.

    EVERYONE in Huntington, especially those who live north of Main Street, realize that the potential for flooding is there everytime it rains heavily. Pictures have been in the papers and on television of the flooding numerous times over the years, all with the complementary boat rowing by or car floating by. You haven’t seen them? You haven’t called the DOT before now?

    What about Town Hall? Does the DOT communicate with anyone there? The Highway Dept? Have you two NEVER gotten a call from Town Hall wondering if you could do anything in Albany to speed up the process?

    Just wondering, you know?

  • HFD wife

    Do you know that people CONTINUE to drive through the floods during every storm? AND… the HUNTINGTON VOLUNTEER FIREMEN have to rescue those impatient people that get stuck?

    Please don’t make my husband continue to rescue those that get stuck, FIX the road! NOW!!!

  • Huntington Hal

    Marcellino just learned THIS MORNING that the Rt. 110 project is once again stalled?…and only when he read it in the Village Tattler?? Doesn’t he ever visit this part of his district? I’m sorry, but that’s totally inexcusable.

    Yet another sign that elected officials just don’t get it. We should throw both Marcellino and Conte out of office and replace them with people who are competent (or at least who care)!

  • incredible In Huntington

    What planet are our elected on?

  • marie

    Sounds like Senator Marcellino found a topic to grandstand on.

    I wonder how many people actually know what the plan is for the road repair. I looked at the link in the other article posted today on the repair delays and I am concerned that those 2 circles are indicating 2 traffic circles (one at NY AVE & Prime Ave, the other at NY Ave & Creek Rd) which are the rumors I have heard. I hope not. I have seen too many near accidents at the Gerard St. circle. If circles are planned for NY Ave, traffic would be a nightmare. Remember the delays caused by the traffic to Coco’s? (It would take people 20 minutes longer to get home on a Friday night if they had to drive past Coco’s). In addition, the transporting of boats (large and small) will further cause delays getting around the circles making it a nightmare to drive north on NY Ave. And perhaps most importantly, what will happen to the small businesses in those areas?

    • Circles are part of it

      Yes, Rte 110 will have turn arounds. There have been many meetings held at the library over the years showing the changes. The delays are from the state. PS – I like the turn around at Gerard St. I know many have complained, but I think it works well… as for the boats, never thought about that but i know the guy who drives them back and forth is always so polite and lets you pass instead of slowing you down.

    • bill barron

      Properly designed traffic circles have been working for years in many states across America as well as Europe. I understnad your as the one by the post office is arguably to tight, but these circles are designed much better. Study after study proves they move traffic faster and help the environment by cutting way back on pollution from idling cars at stop lights. This project has been discussed and displayed publically for years now so I’m afraid your argument has been heard before but refuted with logic and proper planning. Please take a look at the plans on the site. I realize change comes hard to many folks in Huntington but the fact is traffic circles work and additionally are much mor epleasant to look at than wires and lights. Give them a try and I think you will be delighted. By the way-the car in the circle has the right of way!

      • Alia

        The Gerard street circle isn’t tight – it’s so small it’s a miracle there hasn’t been a massive, injury filled accident. Traffic circles do work, when they are designed properly. If they put them on 110 at the Prime and Creek intersections…well, they had better be huge. And with them needs to come some sort of public education campaign, because nearly every day I am nearly killed by some idiot who does not understand the concept of a “4 way stop” – let alone traffic circle right of way.

  • Justin Thianus

    While the flooding on Rt 110 is certainly an important issue, Im shocked that now–after decades–to hear that these guys are “outraged” at this. What an odd time to come out from under the rock they have been under and speak out about this.

    At this unique period in time, my rage would certainly me focused on the larger, more dire Huntington Station crime/gang/drugs/immigrant/slumlord/school district mess. Nothing else.

    Do these idiots know how to prioritize thier energy and efforts? Dumbasses like these running our great town into the ground is why we are in this mess in the first place. Fix the Huntington Station disaster first.. project A-1. And lets clean house come elction time and get some smart people in there.


    • bill barron

      it is reasonable to think they are not spending 100% of their time thinking about Huntington Station and that other parts of the community have issues that need to be addressed as well. After all, it’s only been 18 years of flooding!

  • Hector

    Just what we need: more traffic circles, which slow down traffic even more! Gee whiz.

  • My Town Too

    marie – it looks like those roundabouts are at NY Ave / Creek and NY Ave / Mill Dam Rd.

    I recall people having concerns about fire trucks being able to get through the Gerard St circle. I’ve never seen one try, but they say they can get through. So I would imagine it would be ok at these two locations. However, perhaps Coneys and Knutsons should have a say in the size of the circles to accomodate all the large boats they move in the area.

    Justin – yes, Huntington Station is very important, but I think both can be handled at the same time.

  • Chris K.

    Marcellino is less than worthless. He’s great at holding press conferences and sending out color mailings at taxpayers expense. Beyond that, what has he EVER done for us??

    He must be running for re-election this year. After being in office for something like 20 years, I think it’s time for a change.

    • Not Fair Folks

      Before you say it, I do not work for Marcellino but am involved in quite a few charities in Huntington. Senator Marcellino has been very helpful in getting funding for many of them such as Pederson-Krag, Huntington Enrichment Center, Family Service League as well as funding for CAS Antigang Program and the Huntington Community First Aid Squad. Those are the ones I know of, I am sure there are more. He is also working very hard to repeal the MTA tax and pushes each and every year to make sure we get our fair share ( and more if he can ) of State taxes back for our school. As far as rte 110 goes, it may not seem important to some but for the people who live here it is very important and we appreciate the time and effort he and Conte have put in. I’m sure all the stores and businesses as well as Helen Keller Services for the Blind think so too. So,thanks Senator Marcellino and Assbleyman Conte – keep up the good work.

      • HS Mom

        give me a break. Marcellino sends back a few pennies compared to what we send to Albany he couldn’t even be bothered to keep his office open in Huntington.

        • Not Fair Folks

          The Republicans lost the majority – that is why he had to give up the office. He is also not the person that decides how much we get back, and yes it should be more than we get. But I know for a fact that he, Raia and Conte fight very hard for that. Please be sure to check your facts.

  • Anonymous

    Traffic circles are useless. They cause accidents.They yield in all directions.Ambulances and firetrucks can not maneuver around them causing a safety hazard for responding emergency vehicles.The traffic circle on Gerard in Huntington Village should be be removed immediatly.

  • Anonymous

    Next thing you know someone will start a Facebook group.. Say No to Round-a-bouts in Huntington Village.

  • halesite res

    Please the roundabout plan for 110 has been vetted and approved for years. Pay attention people. This plan should not be news.

  • take control

    This is priceless. Vote out every incumbent! These guys are friggin clowns.

  • Not Fair Folks

    Conte and Marcellino HAVE worked hard on this. The contrator dropped the ball and the elected officials are on it, no matter how they heard of the news. C’mon, give a bit of a break. If you actually would call these guys, visit in their offices you would find they do care and they work hard for us. I know w e are all more than angry rhese days, but not everybody is the bad guy.

  • Not Fair Folks

    @HS Mom: If you read the first line of my original reply to Chris K, you will see that I have already stated that I am not. Just a person who is involved in many of our local charities and civic groups. I have seen the results of the hard work because of that. It is hard to sit by and read bad things being said, so I thought I would say something positive. That is all.

  • Chris K.

    I’ll bet 10 bucks that Not Fair Folks IS on Marcellino’s payroll. What has Marcellino done over the years to make sure our community gets our fair share of state funding? HS Mom is right that local taxpayers send a lot more of our hard-earned tax dollars up to Albany than what we get back in state aid. Are we not supposed to blame Marcellino for this? Please, give me a break!

    For starters, why doesn’t Marcellino send out black & white mailers instead of the expensive, glossy full-color mailers he routinely sends out? After all, WE the taxpayers foot the bill for them. I just got another one last week! Am I the only person who’s upset by this waste of taxpayer dollars??

  • Chris K.

    How about answering my question about why Marcellino continues to send out expensive full-color mailers paid for by the taxpayers? No answer for that, huh?? Didn’t think so…

    • Not Fair Folks

      Chris, like I said, I don’t work for the Senator so I really don’t know where the budget for mailings come from or if the tax payers even pay for it all. So, you got me there. Just trying to say something positive about this town and some of the people who represent it. But we can all go back to being negative now, seems like we are all happier that way.

  • My Town Too

    Not Fair… I wasn’t condemning Marcellino and Conte for everything, just this issue and the mess in Hunt. Sta. I realize both of them have done a lot for our school district, helping to fund many important programs for our children.

    It just seems that when it gets to the tough stuff, it doesnt’ get the immediate, urgent attention with actual solutions, from ANY of our politicians. The other stuff is easy.

    Sorry, but the decades of flooding and growth of violence and gangs are serious issues that this town needs to have irradicated ASAP.

  • saphina

    Its an election year and every elected official is putting their face in ours. And what about Mayor Morrow from Huntington Bay – the most uninformed, blob of a Mayor serving for almost 20 years. He doesn’t speak to any of the residents, he doesnt even listen to us at board meetings, yet he pontificates in the media as the voice of his village. Another loser with a delusional aspiration for higher office. Just what we need, another do nothing official with a big mouth!

  • henry dam

    Did you know west shore rd. floods when nyave is flooded ? Did you know that all the flooding has been for nearly fifty yrs . Did you know that the fooding increased when the marsh was filled in to make sports feilds. Did you know that a twelve foot by eight drain pipe was installed to control run off,which promptly silted in. Did you know one could row to main street yarns ago. Did you know a tide or flood gate was installed to control flooding. to no avail Did you know at hurricane surges a foot and more floods the road where sports boats is . Did you know there was a creek on the east side of west shore rd. Did you know the spillway for the mill pond was west of ny ave. did you know the water shed for ny ave is from Jerico tpke, north. and five mile east and west. thats a lot of run off water. Did you know that to raise the rd level four feet as needed will inundate the majority of the homes and businesses in the area . Did you know I have a plan that would avoid that scenario. Well?

  • Linda

    Oct 1, 2010– New York Ave. becomes a river!!!!!

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