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Cupcake Moms = NY Islander Fans?

Cupcake Gourmet in Huntington offers home delivery and outdoor seating

It’s that time of year. Not much going on in the hockey world for the general public to consume so I spent some time with Dee Karl, aka the 7th woman, consuming some freshly baked New York Islanders cupcakes at the Cupcake Gourmet in Huntington Village. Amy, the owner, was kind enough to whip us up some snacks, similar to the ones that will be sold at the coliseum during home games for the 2010 – 2011 season.

I have to admit, it is pretty funny to associate an NHL franchise with cupcakes, especially a sport where toughness is required. What hockey player would want to be associated with a cupcake? Will the Cupcake Gourmet take a page out of the “Butch Bakery” theme and create some “Butch Cupcakes” to better represent the players of a manly game? Too many possibilities, and you’ll probably find, like I did, that brainstorming ideas for manly cupcakes yields some disturbing and disgusting results. Probably best to keep it simple, eh?

Peace lovin' Coliseum Cupcakes

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