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Meetings This Week; BOE Moves Past Jack? Avalon Makes Its Case and T-Mobile Asks For Forgiveness Rather Than Permission

Huntington Station's new official Christmas tree?

HUFSD BOE will hold a regularly scheduled meeting 7pm Monday at Finley Junior High.  This is the BOE’s first meeting since deciding not to send students to Jack Abrams School this fall after a series of shootings and other incidents of violent crime in the neighborhood directly surrounding the Jack Abrams facility.  7pm Monday, August 9 at Finley Middle School located at 20 Greenlawn Road.

Avalon Bay Public Information Session. Wednesday, August 11.  This is the first of three meetings the Avalon Bay Corp set up after the Huntington Town Council postponed voting on downzoning Huntington Station to allow for Transit Oriented Development and Avalon Bay’s proposed 500 unit housing complex southeast of the Huntington Train Station.  The proposed downzoning will allow high-density development on any ten-acre parcel within half a mile of Huntington train station.   Avalon says theses sessions are “for residents to learn the facts on the proposed development Avalon Huntington Station.”  6 – 9 pm, Wednesday, August 11, Avalon Court North, 100 Court North, Melville

Huntington’s Zoning Board of Appeals meeting on Thursday August 12 will feature a discussion of how T-Mobile decided they had the authorization to build a mobile phone tower in Huntington Station and whether the mobile provider is correct in their assessment of whether they’ve dotted their “I”s and crossed their “T”s.  6pm Thursday, Aug 12, Town Hall.

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22 comments to Meetings This Week; BOE Moves Past Jack? Avalon Makes Its Case and T-Mobile Asks For Forgiveness Rather Than Permission

  • Olive St Organizer

    Why is it VT is so quick to post negative articles about our neighborhood yet when we get together and have a positive rally there is nothing noted? Hmmmmm…..

  • Sally

    Maybe because all the comments are real versus the print newspapers that screen the stories and screen the letters to the editors. When you have newspapers owned by Gary Ackerman a politican and another one owned by the Dolans – they sugar coat everything so that they pretend that we live in sweet candy coated town. If the truth had been published over the years we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now and we wouldn’t have a Supervisor that commutes from Florida.

    • Huh??????

      Sally – you didn’t answer the rhetorical question posed by Olive St. Organizer. You pontificated. I think OSO’s question is legit. Hope the VT will post something today on the vigil. I will be very disappointed if they don’t. Newsday had an article today and News 12 mentioned it in its crawl last night. I can’t read the Newsday article because the Dolans make you pay up to view. Can’t imagine the VT wouldn’t cover a local news story like this. Give them a little time.

      • Why?

        Does it only matter if the press is watching you?

        • Huh??????

          I guess you would say the same thing about the shootings around JAI? I guess if the press wasn’t watching that, you’d be ok, right?

          Lack of an article about the vigil shows bias on the VT’s part. I’d respect the VT more if wasn’t one-sided. Then again, maybe that’s the intent.

  • as per Rebecca on facebook

    the media and “electeds” were not invited.

    Persoanlly I think as much as Rebecca has been slammed on the tattler she was justified in not informing the tattler of the vigil. Can’t be there to cover it if you are not aware of it.

    • Jodi

      Boo hoo, poor Rebecca. It’s so mean to be angry at her for calling us “racists”. NOT

      Grow up. This isn’t about one person and if someone is offensive (like making unjustified claims of racism) then they deserve critcism. Its time to be a community!


    250 people were aware of it and you weren’t.Maybe you should spend more time in the area instead of cowering with your lackeys at the park bashing your opponents…oops….neighbors.

  • Sorry to disappoint with no coverage, but unfortunately we did not know about the vigil. We do our best to cover community events but we’re far from where we’d like to be when it comes to knowing about every one. Unfortunately, last night’s vigil missed our radar. If you ever have a question about whether we’ll be at an event or would like to give us a heads-up, please drop us a note.

  • DROG

    Congressman Gary Ackerman owns the Long Islander?

    • snickers

      Yes Liberal Democrat Gary Ackerman owns the Long Islander. His greatest feat there is when a NY Times reporter was doing an investigation on all the attorneys the town had hired yet still outsourced many jobs to Democrat law firms. It was obviously hurting the democrat administration of Huntington. So congressman Ackerman must have convinced the NY Times reporter to go work for him at the Long Islander which he now does. Needless to say the excellent reporting on town democrat officials stopped.

  • Sally

    Yes, he is one of the owners.

  • To Olive Street

    An article informing the public about scheduled meetings for the week is hardly biased. I’ve read some really nice articles on the VT about a variety of subjects, none having to do with the HS state of affairs. Please read about Operation Heart and Homes, the various reviews of concerts, social events, and the many outstanding people who contribute to our Town in different ways.
    Perhaps the organizers of the Vigil should have contacted more people if they wanted more in attendance. Was it even publicized? I was unaware of it.

  • John Q American

    Ha! If they publicized the way you wanted all the Crazy Cupcakes Moms would across the street barking protests while their gelding husbands hid in the SUV’s.

  • Hi John Q

    I think the term cupcake mom can be traced back to you. What is your actual definition of a cupcake mom?

  • My Town Too

    Sorry folks, I agree with the Admin here. If no one who organized the rally informed all of the town’s media, then shame on them! How can you expect people to know about events if they aren’t advertised? People without children in our schools, including the local newspapers, won’t know about what is going on without being notified.

    Notification shouldn’t be based on any media’s potential “slant” on the event or not. You should allow all to be invited, or don’t expect any turnout. If all you want are supporters then your “rallies” aren’t going to be successful or worthwhile.

  • Get the Ax

    That’s one “Tree” Daniel Karpen I’m sure would cut down himself!

  • But they’ve turned off so many residents that they are losing faces at rallies.

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