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Gladius Potter and the Thirsty Girls of Huntington

Will the DJ get his hat back?

Every Thursday throughout the town of Huntington you will find unbeatable drink specials. Recognized as “ladies night” at mostly every bar, the town attracts a variety of people looking to fully utilize these drink specials and acquire a strong buzz. For those ladies who are veterans to the towns drink specials there is only one place to go, Artful Dodger. Its deal: women drink FREE until midnight. There are no rules, you aren’t required to get the fruity sugary drink with a dab of Malibu like one would expect, and they will fill up that Gin and Tonic and make it strong. I get there at nine thirty to make sure I catch all the action; at ten o clock the bar goes from zero to sixty. Packs of gorgeous young ladies start to arrive and enter the bar with as much excitement as a five year old on Christmas morning. They immediately order drinks and hit the dance floor which is multi colored from the strobe lights. The DJ pumps up the music and the bar takes off. Girls dance vigorously screaming the lyrics to the songs and pulling guys over to dance with them. The guys who don’t dance seem to be entranced by the amount of enthusiastic girls and situate themselves at tables facing the dance floor. These guys are not going to complain about having to pay for their drinks, they appreciate this deal as much as the girls do. For those college men who have limited funds this opens some doors for them, they can approach a girl and talk to her without having to buy her drink. The people who work there are very efficient, the bar is packed but the bartender is all about business, he is swift to get drinks so there is not much waiting around for one. Even though the DJ is good about taking requests they aren’t necessary, he knows exactly what to play to get everyone going. One girl who is with a couple of her girl friends starts to do the “worm” on the floor, it is very funny and she clearly has a good sense of humor. Everyone laughs and then the dance floor starts to break out more humorous dance moves forming a circle and shoving each person in to see who can whip out the funniest sequence of moves.

Everyone has a different opinion on the dancer in the circle

Another girl goes up to the DJ and takes the hat he is wearing, placing it on her own head before going back to the dance floor. The DJ laughs it off, he knows she’s pretty drunk and he will get it back later.  The night continues like this, with a lot of laughing, dancing and positive energy throughout the bar. At midnight drink specials are over and it’s onto the next bar.

You can try and hide but free drinks are over at the Dodge

For those of you who have read my last Thursday article you know my feelings toward the bar Strawberry’s, but as I walked away from the Dodge toward town I heard the music blaring and since I didn’t really need another drink I decided to check it out. The bar was packed but I was happy to see there was more than one person working the bar this time, I am sure it was my article that got through to them. It was packed to the brim with an eclectic assortment of people. There was no average age range here, some people in their twenties and some in their fifties. A majority of the crowd in there looked as though they might have spent time programming in a sauna before coming, they were covered in sweat but didn’t seem to mind. They danced around banging into people and enjoying their time thoroughly. After I got tired of the crowds I decided to wind down at Christopher’s. It was laid back inside, kind of an older crowd but perfect for grabbing a last beer before calling it a night. I sat at the bar and drank my beer with an older gentleman. We talked for a little until finally he looked at his watch and said “shoot its late, work should be fun tomorrow!” He waved goodbye and was off. As long as the ladies of Huntington continue to be thirsty, Thursday nights are sure to be a good time for everyone. Just be sure to bring your Advil to work in the morning.

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