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Weekly Police Report: Violence, Arson, Harassment, and Theft

Here are some of the arrests and incidents from last week’s police reports:


–An18 year old East Northport man and a 19-year-old Huntington man were arrested for an incident on East Rogues Path in Huntington where they punched a man in the face causing him to need medical attention.

–A 20-year-old Huntington Station male was arrested in Huntington Station for brandishing a knife at security personnel at Safiro Bar

–A Huntington Station woman was arrested on Park Avenue in Huntington for stabbing a man in Bayshore.  The man was treated for non-life threatening injuries


–A 37-year-old male from Locust Valley was arrested on Wall Street in Huntington for harassing a female victim and following her to her place of employment


–A 16 year old male was arrested on Calvert street in Commack when he intentionally charred an old farm school building by holding an open flame from a lighter to it’s exterior.

Slashed Tires

–An unknown person slashed a vehicle’s tires on 18th Street in Huntington Station

–An unknown person slashed the tires of a vehicle on Oakwood Road in Huntington


–An unknown person stole a ’92 international commercial box truck from Broahollow Road in Melville

–An unknown person broke into a home through a basement window on East Littleneck Road in Centerport and stole assorted property including jewelry, a laptop a briefcase and cash

–An unknown person entered a 2007 Jeep on Elwood Road in East Northport and stole a cell phone and MAC laptop.

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