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Meetings This Week

Huntington Town Hall

Town Council Meeting Tuesday, August 3, 7PM Town Hall, Main Street.

This week’s Town Hall meeting is the first since Huntington School District 3 voted to remove all students from Jack Abrams School and turn the building into an administrative center.  The school district pulled the kids out of the school after a rash of violent crimes in Huntington Station this summer. The agenda for Tuesday night’s meeting does not include any direct reference to Jack Abrams or Huntington Station’s crime situation.  There are several hearings aimed at changing Town building codes, which if passed and enforced would be a step toward making the Station less hospitable for criminals.

Also on the agenda is a provision that would allow the Town to accept sponsorship funds from third parties for Councilman Mark Mayoka’s website.  The site aims to decrease crime in Huntington Station by creating an easy, anonymous way for residents to report criminal activity, unsafe environments and stuff the cops ought to check out.  Apparently the Town would prefer to have crime-fighting initiatives like this sponsored by the community rather than use Town funding.

It appears that Mayoka has managed to raise the spectre of term limits for the Town Council.  The Council will vote on whether to schedule a hearing on term limits.  The chattering class is putting long odds on term limits having more than a ghost of a chance with this long-serving board (Petrone 16 years, Cuthbertson 12 years, Berland 8 years, Jackson 4 years), but we live in interesting times.

If you live off Southdown Road in Lloyd Harbor and have a water view, you’ll probably want to join the meeting to make sure your input is heard on whether Coney’s Marine should be granted the right to add more moorings to their operation next to Gold Star Beach.  The additional moorings would be located in Puppy Cove.

The Town Planing Board will meet Wednesday, August 4, 7:30PM at Town Hall for the next installment in its long range planning.

The Zoning Board of Appeals meets 6PM Friday at Town Hall.

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