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Thursday Night in Huntington With Gladius Potter

Chesterfields Blues and Jazz Lounge

By Gladius Potter

Curious about Huntington’s nightlife?  Take a tour with twenty-something and native Huntingtonian, Gladius Potter:

Last night marked the premiere for season 2 of the Jersey Shore, a reality show that depicts what it means to be a true “guido.” The show, although a hit, is completely ludicrous, exhibiting eight housemates whose lives are absorbed by one instrumental regime: “GTL,” gym, tan, laundry. The  “guido” refers to a man excessively obsessed with tanning and working out. The “guidette,” or female complement to the guido, spends numerous hours in a tanning bed, makes her hair as big as humanly possible, and is most likely to be seen wearing high heels accompanied by a minute piece of cloth masquerading as a dress.

When I first walked into The Artful Dodger at a quarter to twelve, this show is the first thing that came to mind. Amid the motley array of colors that light up the bar and metal chains that hang from the ceiling, token guidettes and guidos filled the place. The guys inside bobbed their heads to the blaring music of the DJ in their jeans, spiked hair, tight T-shirts, and gold chains. I initially hoped the girls had been invited to a themed party that I missed out on, but later found, to my dissatisfaction, that the “clothes” they were wearing were actually standard wardrobe. Although my skin was significantly less sun (or bulb) kissed, my hair less large, and my clothes more discernible, I found the bar to be a lot of fun and the people inside very happy to be partying. “The Dodge,” as I heard it referred to, had an excellent deal that I couldn’t believe; girls drink free until midnight. In addition to looking like the Jersey Shore, these people partied like the Shore, and that is definitely something to get juiced about.

My next stop was a new bar that I was eager to checkout. Strawberrys is a bar and grill that has a great Thursday night ladies drink special: one dollar shots. I walked in with high hopes. I was already hyper from the Dodger and this place was filled to the brim with young, beautiful people. The two buddies I came with pushed me to the middle of the bar to get us three beers since I am the smallest and there was barely any space. I finagled my way through and waited as one bartender catered to a group of pretty girls who must be newly twenty one. He gave them a few shots while they flirted their way to more, and then more, and then more. I waited along with the rest of the bar while this one bartender filled and then refilled their shots, indifferent to the, at least, forty other people waiting for drinks. Finally he left the girls, moved to the other side of the bar, served the impatient patrons their drinks, and then returned to the young girls again. I start to get mad after waiting for fifteen minutes and my buddies tap my shoulder to ask what’s up.  As he, again, starts to walk to the other side I scream, “EXCUSE ME!” He looks at me and I say “three Budlights please,” he looks me up and down, replies “You can only get one drink at a time” and continues to the other side of the bar. I turn around to look at my friends faces, and yes they are as appalled as I am. Without having a chance to say a word to this guy he blows me off, and let me tell you, I am way too goodlooking for this kind of treatment. When he comes back I shout “How about one Budlight?” He ignored me once again, and that is the end of my relationship with Strawberrys. I don’t need to say a word to my friends they are right behind me. Waiting for a drink for twenty minutes only to be ignored was infuriating, and the one happy thought in my head was that I was going to be writing this article later that night. On the way out we bumped into a cute couple in their forties, I told them to turn around if they were at all thirsty because they would not be getting a drink in there. They said they were going to go to Finnegans instead and I felt content at having done my good deed for the day.  

From Strawberrys, my friends and I went to Chesterfields and were greeted with a much friendlier atmosphere. There were a good number of people there, the bartender who happened to be a very pretty blonde got us drinks within seconds and we comfortably relaxed around the bar. They had a DJ there who was playing more laid back and somewhat oldschool hiphop. There were some very attractive girls, definitely in their early twenties. They seemed down to earth when I talked to them and were just there to enjoy the music and each other. Two girls who were blatantly drunk danced by themselves with their arms flailing and with no rhythm what-so-ever. They were having a good time though and the rest of the bar looked at them and laughed. I checked out a few more bars but by two everything else was closed or shutting down.  Minus the Strawberrys incident I found the night to be very enjoyable.

From chill Chesterfield’s to the skin-damaged Artful Dodger, Huntington is sure to be a good time on a Thursday night. Do yourself a favor though, and skip right over Strawberrys.

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2 comments to Thursday Night in Huntington With Gladius Potter

  • Johnny Lightning

    Some exciting looking folks there and what is the AC set at 45degrees?

  • Anonymous

    I had the same experience at Strawberry’s. I was amazed that management would let a jerk like that work behind the bar. I was with a large group & we won’t be going back. There are way too many choices in Huntington to put up with that kind of attitude.
    Donna M.

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