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Huntington POV: Enough With all of the PC Nonsense

For far too long, all of our elected official have treated Huntington Station as the armpit of Huntington Township, and now no amount of deodorant will mask the smell.

Instead of telling us not to point fingers at one another as to who caused this, maybe it’s time to start addressing the problems, tackle the issues head on, and discuss some real solutions.

You, our elected officials, have failed us. The Huntington School District 3 community has a chasm the size of the Grand Canyon because of it. Neighbors are pitted against neighbors.

I think it is high time someone finally stated for the record that when you place too many economically disadvantaged people in one small area, which this town has systematically done to Huntington Station for over 40 years, you will have problems with crime. OK, I have said it. It needed to be finally said. Enough with all the PC nonsense.

School children are being relocated from a perfectly good school building (our newest BTW) because of a trigger-happy 19 year old from Wyandanch that was not even invited to the party where the latest shooting occurred.

Huntington School Dist 3 is now the laughing stock of the LI Educational community because of this. We have even made National News. Editorial cartoonists are making fun of us. Great American City? Please.

So, what solutions are there that have not already been tried?

You all know how I feel about re-installing a police annex, so no need to go over that.

Add more police? Well that’s a no brainer if ever I heard one. Stricter code enforcement? We have been screaming for that for years too. Gang task force? Maybe if it were more than one person.

So here is my 4 point plan to immediately start to fix the crime situation we have been facing for years, but everyone just talks about and gets photo ops:

1) Hire the Guardian Angels. They did a hell of a job cleaning up Greenport. They KNOW how to deal with gang problems.

2) Create an “electronic neighborhood watch group” using the 25 HS BID cameras. This will allow average citizens in their homes to be the “eyes and ears” of  the Huntington Security and the Suffolk PD.

3) Install Gunshot detection equipment, like in use in Nassau County.

4) Pass a local Town ordinance for a summer curfew of midnight for everyone under 18 in the HS area.

Matt Harris is a contributor to the Village Tattler’s Huntington POV. The VT welcomes perspectives from all Huntington residents. Huntington POV does not reflect the views of the Village Tattler, rather the individuals who submitted them. Click here for more about the rules and process for submitting an article or other media for publication.

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24 comments to Huntington POV: Enough With all of the PC Nonsense

  • tax paying parent

    right on

  • Anonymous

    Due to the high crime rate in HS, you want gun shot detection technology and the Guardian Angels. How can you, in the same breath, complain that they closed the school? It’s hard to take your POV serious.

  • -----

    Pretty much right on. It is up to Dee Thomson, Glenda Jackson, etc. to directly address the individuals who openly deal drugs, rob pedestrians, and have ridiculous parties. Huntington residents love to complain about day laborers and immigrants, but these people are not committing crimes against other persons. No rational person wants to walk down Lowndes Ave, Craven St, or Tippin at any time. This is not because of a fear of Hispanic laborers. It is due to a fear of not making it off the block in one piece because of the very people Dee Thomson claims to represent.

  • personal responsibility

    Until individuals start taking personal responsibility to better their own lives I am afraid things won’t change. All people and yes the economically disadvantaged need to stop acting like victims and pick themselves up from the bootstraps and better their own lives. For to long government has coddled this type of behavior and it has led to a society of “I want more because it is coming to me”. And coming from someone who lives south of 25A I say this-Good for you to people who live North of 25A. If you work hard for what you have then you should be proud, not ashamed. This is a capitalist country not a socialist one. This is a country of you can be what you want if you work hard at it. All of us have that god given ability to better our own lives. It is up to all of us to use it.

  • John Q American

    Curtis Sliwa would not place blame on one individual from Wyandanch so be careful what you wish for writer.The truth hurts.

  • My Town Too

    Matt Harris is not a racist and Wyandanch has enough problems of it’s own – if they tried to close a school because of violence, they wouldn’t have a school district because they’d ALL be closed! Give me a break.

    I do recall the Guardian Angels going to Greenport, but what exactly did they do? Why could they rid the town of gangs or drugs or whatever it was, and the Suffolk Police couldn’t? And has the “fix” there been successful to this day? Not so sure about this idea, but…

    A curfew wouldn’t be so bad for the village in the summer for under 18 year olds as well! All the trouble in front of the movie theater in town? Punks bothering patrons of businesses in town? Parents need to control THEIR children so it doesn’t end up becoming the responsibility of the town to do it for them – what a shame.

    More police patrolling the streets at night – of course.
    An annex in the station again – of course.
    I think we’d all gladly pay a bit more in tax for those things!

  • Anonymous

    BTW ..Matt what does the school have to do with your article.Why go there when you don’t know what your talking about.There were MANY events leading up to the relocation of students out of JAI. The safty for our children is the number one concern for the BOE.They had a job to do and they did it.Stay focused on your Avalon issue!!

  • Anonymous

    Everyone knows that you believe the children should not have been relocated out of JAI. Its done for now so move on.You do not have any kids at JAI.Save your comments for when it concerns you.

  • Anonymous

    I believe the BOE showed strong and brave leadership when they relocated the children for 2010-2011.I now know my child will be safe this year in a normal school environment.She will not have to be maximun security,lockdown,building with police patroling the halls packing loaded guns.

  • To: Wyandanch Warrior

    Calling somebody a racist means little any more. It’s like the “Boy who cried wolf”- after a while it just loses it’s meaning. I would agree that at one point in time it would have made white people shudder at being called a racist with zero evidence. Now, it’s a joke, it’s been so misued and dilluted that honestly it rings hollow and nobody really gives a crap. I find it used when people have little or no intellectual ability to argue facts based on their merit. Absent having facts on their side the simply call the person a racist with the hope that they will be silenced. Those day’s my friend are over! If you can’t succeed after trillions of dollars spent on the “Great Society”? Not my problem, it’s yours.

    Rather then viewing the world through a racist set of glasses you should focus on common problems which we all share. We are all getting royally screwed over by the same Town Council and yes it’s a diverse group doing the screwing. Racism no, I don’t think so. An incompetent and perhaps corrupt Town Council? I think we are getting closer to the root cause of our problems. They want to be accepted by society and get invited to fund raisers so they need to be liked. They do favors for those doing the inviting and ignore those in need of their assistance. They want to leverage their public duties so that their private businesses my prosper. Racism no, misplaced loyalty? Yes.

    Who’s fault is it that they have been allowed to ignore the problems of Huntington Station? It is “We The People” who are at fault. Frank Petrone should have been fired years ago but we allowed him to stay in office. I say we because although I did vote I was not active in getting out the vote.

    Stop with the racist speak, it takes us no where and simply diverts our attention away from the real problem which must be corrected on Election Day.

    Want a change? Get rid of Steve Israel a.k.a. “Limousine Steve” and put in somebody from the private sector like John Gomez. I have seen John Gomez three time in the past three weeks yet not even an appearance or press release from Steve Israel. He like Frank Petrone must be fired.

    Join the “Town of Huntington Voters Block” by clicking the link above. The Long Islander did a great article on our group this week and it’s on the news stands now. You won’t find it on the online version.

  • Wyandanch Warrior

    The writer blames the school closing solely on “a trigger-happy 19 year old from Wyandanch”.
    Well it must’ve been that red-headed Irish kid Seamus O’Malley.
    Maybe some fault lies with the parents of the 16 yr old girl who should’ve been home and not roaming the streets.Correct? Or do you like to do like everyone else and not accept responsibility?

  • Nick Wieland-Hunt sta

    The readers of this website are Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous. You all have opinions/view points and loud mouths but not one will put you names on your comments it’s pitifully. I could go off on both sides and post Anonymously….how dumb is that. Have a pair of balls, if you believe something put YOUR NAME behind it! Otherwise stop you whining and man up.

    And ps Wyandanch guy cut the crap Matt is not a racist! You want to be a bully use your name.

  • No it couldn’t have been good old Seamus because they arrested the kid who did it. What is your point? That Matt had the balls to point out that the kid was from Wyandanch? You have to be kidding.

    I will draw a correlation between the Wyandanch and the area where the shootings occurred. Both Wyandanch and that area of Huntington Station have a high percentage of low income “affordable housing”. And they want to put more here! Am I being racist under your definition by making that statement? Probably and I simply don’t care… go ahead and call me one and I’ll laugh because you don’t even know me. Nor do you know the reasons why I have drawn the conclusion that this town can no longer afford “affordable housing”. I don’t care who the tenant is white, black, Spanish or purple with pink spots. If they have no equity stake in the property they take the subsidies for granted. You have single moms on welfare who allow their boy friends to move in and suck off of their benefits and we the tax paying citizens suffer the consequences.

    I agree with your point that the parents of the 16 year old girl carry a great deal of responsibility for what happened. No argument from me on that point.

    And as Nick Wieland points out Matt Harris is not a racist (whatever that means anymore), he is trying to change things for the better. Unfortunately change requires a hard look at the problems and rather then looking at the root cause it’s easier to point fingers and blame each other. That is what the Town Council wants, don’t you get it? They want to come in and pretend to be the healers of the divisions that they have helped to create. Don’t allow them the opportunity. Hold them accountable and fire them on election day!

  • HS resident

    I agree with Matt on many of his points. Also, I dont believe Matt is a racist and again I think the name calling among community members should stop! It is not doing anything to help to solve the myriad of problems before us.

  • Anonymous

    You ain’t seen nothin yet. Wait till the Asian gangs get here and they start fighting the
    MS-13,Bloods,Latin,Kings,Crypts,Knights etc.
    Thats when it will get interesting!

  • GAs Not Right Fix

    The GAs are not the right fix here, and Greenport is not comparable to HS.

    You need strategic law enforcement solutions…with direct contact with the FBI and ICE specifically for HS, not at county level. Some of the above mentioned solutions requires special local law enforcement to execute such plans with direct town govt steering.

    A real solution is at hand…let’s get our own town police force like Hempstead, Long Beach, and Port Washington did and dropped the county. There are PROVEN results here. PLEASE…PLEASE PLEASE SPEAK LETS SPEAK TO THOSE TOWNS WHO OFFERED GREAT SOLUTIONS…ESPECIALLY HEMPSTEAD. COUNTY OPINION IS BIASED HERE.

    A growing voice of residents have asked for this going 16 years (or under current administrations reign).

  • Go Robert!

    Finally, someone who is going to tell it like it is. After hearing it long enough, maybe people will catch on.

  • Dan

    Good for you Robert. You hit this one spot on.

  • MARK


  • AK

    Matt & Robert, great points.
    We need to get to a level where people really care for their neighborhood. Only then do you get the concerned citizen that looks out the window and sees 50 cars and close to 100 kids in the school parking lot actually picks up the phone and calls the police. It is still beyond me why it took someone from outside the neighborhood to drive there and make the call.

    I think we need to press the town to do the following:

    Limit Section 8 housing to 5% of all houses per street.

    Raise taxes significantly for absentee landlords.

    Make it easier for live-in landlords to obtain an accessory permit.

    Grant Section 8 status on a temporary basis, the absentee landlord should have re-certify with town. If there were repeated crimes committed or the property is neglected do not certify as Section 8.

    Ramp up the code enforcement. Code violators know they get away with overcrowding and neglect.

    In tandem with code enforcement, make it hurt for violators and significantly increase fines for repeat offenders.

  • Vivienne H. Wong

    Great article Matt. Where is the TOH Public Safety Dept and what do they do? 4% of your real estate tax bill goes to this dept created in 1996 by Mr. Petrone. $4.9 million spent by dept of that $2.6 is on administration and only $330,00+/- on the actual inspection of illegal housing violations. For 350 plus years this Town of Huntington didn’t have this department and we didn’t have the crime we are having now. So I say take the $4.6 million AND CREATE OUR OWN POLICE DEPARTMENT. This is very simple. Prior to 1996 we did not have the crime, illegal housing and were able to walk and travel in Huntington Station.

  • To Vivienne

    I agree on the creating of our own PD. The town already budgets a few million alone for the township public safety administration costs, not including the millions for headcount. With the large tax receipts the town collects for police…we’ll get more police headcount and better control of the situation…it just makes sense for the town to convert the township public safety to full a police/full time peace officer status, absorbing the officers from SCPD.

    I have also heard that the eastern townships that had considered the merging into the SCPD but voted not to merge after seeing much of this mess and feel they will be neglected.

  • Joe Oliva

    AK makes some very good points, and Vivienne Wong is correct, we need our own Police Dept.

    AK is right about the code enforcement needing to be ramped up and absentee landlords hit hard. The ToH also needs to abandon its “sanctuary lite” policy. While it may be true that the working illegal immigrants aren’t causing the most serious crime, it is also true that the tolerance of the illegal community by the Town attracts the gangs. In order for them to flourish, they must have a large illegal population that allows them to blend in and hide.

    Matt Harris is on target. It is time to stop with the political correctness and start addressing the causes. Lets get rid of the labor site, let’s begin coming down hard on the absentee landlords, and let’s establish a tough Huntington Police Force to augment the SCPD and get these gang members arrested and deported.

    The situation is now out of control and the time has come to start taking real actions. How many more years are we going to talk about cleaning up “the Station”?

    Thanks, Joe

  • second floor peon

    You need to change the party in power. That is the democrat party. Funny that in politics Mr.Petrone was called corrupt by the Dems when he was Republican supervisor. When he switched over to the Democrats he was their saint and savior according to them.

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