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Too Many Fish For Lobster?

Lobster man wins

The recent proposal for a moratorium on lobster harvest was defeated, and rightly so I am quite sure the Atlantic States MArine Fisheries Commission(ASMFC ) will come up with another draconian measure. It was mentioned that Connecticut has a program of notching the tail of egg carrying females and releasing them. The lobstermen receive a reward for the piece of tail

The interesting part is lobster know no boundaries, so who benefits from this program? The shortage and causes are the same for Connecticut as for New York or from Rhode Island to the Carolinas.

It should be noted that Connecticut and Maine also had a program of buying eggers and propagating them in a hatchery, the results were never revealed to me. They produced calico and blue lobster that showed up all along the Atlantic coast the problem on lobsters surfaced well before 1999. Spraying, low oxygen levels water to cold water to warm and disease also predation by seals fish birds. All kind of studies and theories, showed up. All were studies on symptoms of a problem.

The lobster was studied till it died with the conclusion Yep something killed it or them. . Now we will wait for the population to recover by its self, as we have no means to correct the problem. Or do we?

One marine division person commented when queried on TV .Why the slow recovery on lobster? His answer was to many fish

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