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Asharoken Sea Wall Contract Awarded

Congressman Steve Israel (D-Huntington) and Asharoken Mayor Patricia Irving announced yesterday that the US Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a contract for the repair of the Asharoken Sea Wall. The Sea Wall was destroyed in the storm of March 13, 2010. Repair plans and funding has been fast tracked by the Army Corps of Engineers at the insistence of Congressman Israel.

The Army Corps awarded the $2,254,031 to Cutting Edge Group, an 8(a) small business concern. The plan calls for federally funded reconstruction of the damaged sea wall. This is the same contractor that in 2007, reinforced a section of the sea wall with heavy rock tonnage which withstood this latest storm. The new work calls for similar construction in those areas of the sea wall that failed.

Construction will begin as soon as the heavy rocks are delivered to the site. It is expected the last week of August or the first week of September. The project has a completion date of not later than February 2011. As of now, that date is expected to be met.

Mayor Irving stated that “Congressman Israel has stayed involved and the Army Corps continues to fast track this project. Everyone recognizes the importance of this project for the protection and safety of our community. I only wish a permanent solution to the erosion of Asharoken Beach moved as quickly as this project.”

“This community depends on Asharoken Avenue every day, so it’s imperative that we fast track the repairs,” Israel said. “Mayor Irving and I have been working closely with the Army Corps to ensure the project gets the necessary federal funding and is expedited. I’m glad we can announce that the contract has been awarded, the first step keeping the timeline on target.”

The Army Corps of Engineers has been conducting a feasibility study for a permanent restoration of Asharoken beach. The feasibility study proposes 600,000 cubic yards of sand being deposited on Asharoken beach to protect it from significant erosion. The sea wall construction was intended as a temporary measure until a permanent plan could be developed to restore and protect the beach. The beach is the only protection Asharoken Avenue has against the ravages of Long Island Sound. The Army Corps and NYS Department of Environmental Conservation are currently discussing sand sources for this project.

“Sand on the beach is the only long term solution to protect the beach, our homes and Asharoken Avenue for the residents of both Asharoken and Eaton’s Neck,” Mayor Irving stated.

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1 comment to Asharoken Sea Wall Contract Awarded

  • Jon Howard

    Too bad our Congressman doesn’t care as much about the people of Huntington Station as he does about a sea wall…that and cleaning up Centerport Yacht Club beach seem to be his priority…maybe its time we find a congressman who actually cares about all the people in his district …

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