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Mayoka's Response to Community's Request to Sponsor For Term Limits

At the July 6, 2010 Huntington Town Board Meeting community members formally requested that Councilman Mark Mayoka sponsor a resolution for Term Limits for the elected members of the Huntington Town Council at the next Town Board Meeting on August 3, 2010.

Mayoka has addressed the concerns of the community by personally sponsoring a resolution to schedule a public hearing to consider the adoption of local law to prohibit an elected Town Board Member from serving more than two consecutive terms of four years of office in the same elective office.

Councilman Mayoka believes that term limits are a tool, which may be used to make elected Town Council positions more responsive to public needs through a continuous process of renewal and by encouraging more residents to compete in elections.  “In providing a limited time of two consecutive terms of four years each, totaling eight years, we set a standard of accountability for elected Council Members to set goals and fulfill agendas and to attain their promises.”

Councilman Mayoka will present and sponsor this resolution at the next August 3, 2010 Town Board meeting but asks the community to provide the Town of Huntington with their own request by completing and filling out the survey, which is also available online at the Town of Huntington website.

Please complete the survey at the link below prior to the next Town Hall meeting on August 3.

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14 comments to Mayoka’s Response to Community’s Request to Sponsor For Term Limits

  • HS resident

    I think term limits is a good idea for the Town Board and would like to support Mr. Mayoka on this. BUT first he needs to answer a few questions for the Town of Huntington residents.

    First of all,you need to step forward and address the rumor that the real reason you didnt attend the rally of the NAACP about the closing of the school in HS was that you are from the TEA PARTY who happens to being doing battle with the NAACP on a national level regarding claims of racism. And if that is true, then why have you been seen around Town attending other NAACP events? Please Mr. Mayoka set the record straight regarding this rumor whether or not you are from the Tea Party.

    Secondly, I would like to know when these term limits would take effect in this resolution that you plan to put forth.

    Thirdly, Mr. Mayoka, you have been in office for nearly a year now so it is time that you as our elected official gets held accountable just like the other politicians that many people of this Town have been sending a message to. Mr. Mayoka you no longer get a free pass so we wouldnt stand for excuses like “nobody told me” or I “dont have an opinion”. We are looking for leaders in our elected officials and everyone is watching now to see if you fit in this category or if you are going to behave like other electeds who run and hide and then try to get away with just collecting a paycheck.

    And lastly, you need to take a firm position regarding Avalon and explain your reasons.

  • Lauren

    Go away Kim!!! Get a life really. All this Tea party speculation is just laughable.

    I suggest you call him and get the answers to your ridiculous questions rather than posting anonymously to spread more of your lies and agenda!!

  • Huntington Hal

    Does everything always have to degenerate into partisan politics? HS resident seemed to ask some valid questions, particularly about Mayoka’s position on Avalon. Is he for it or against it? I have yet to hear him announce exactly where he stands.

    As for Mayoka’s feelings about the Tea Party, I guess that’s as good a question as any. I’d also be curious to learn what he thinks.

  • There's a method....

    I don’t know about any of you, but I believe that term limits in Huntington are long overdue and that they shouldn’t be imposed only upon members of the Town Board. How long has Mr. Petrone been in office? But, I do fail to see the connection between term limits, the NAACP, Avalon and the Tea Party. Perhaps someone will enlighten me.

  • Vivienne H. Wong

    @ There’s a method…
    to the madness? First,Congressman Steve israel was on Huntingotn board for 10 years and now being a Congressman I think he has served you “for 20 years”. Mr Petrone has been in office for 16 and a half years. Mr. cuttbuson 12 1/2 years at the end of the terms mr petone will have served you (?) for 20 years and mr cuutbbston for 16 years – so how is all that hope and blah blah doing for you, if you live in school district #3 you are sick to your stomach. We are being rezoned to apartment rental buildings at least 4 story high.
    I have decided that Mr Petrone should be renamed THE ARLON SPECTOR SUPERVISOR OF HUNTINGTON. First, Mr. Petrone was a democrat and then when moved to Huntington, changed parties to run against Jim Gauraghan a good democrat (i worked his telephone banks) we ended up with Petrone and then he switched and became a card carrying Democrat. and school district #3 has been screwed. Oh, and Mr. cuuutbuttson lives in Greenlawn spent $500,000 +/- ran for NYS Legis and lost….. so we are stuck with him.

  • HS resident

    @There’s a Method,

    I dont know if you have been following the national news, but the Tea Party has been accused by the NAACP of being a racist organization. It is a fact that the local Tea Party is a supporter of Mr. Mayoka but it is unclear whether he himself is from the Tea Party so I have asked him to please clarify this for the residents of Huntington.

    I have also asked him to clarify when these terms limits would take effect. Since Ms. Jackson is up for election next, I think it is important that it doesnt look like she is being targeted with the fact that a call for term limits is coming up at this point in time. I think this can easily be resolved provided that the effective date doesnt prevent her from running this upcoming election year if that is what she chooses to do.

    I as a registered Democrat want to see Mr. Mayoka’s resolution get passed and plan to pressure all the Town Board members to vote in favor of it provided that Mr. Mayoka address all of my concerns listed above.

    As for Avalon, I am calling on him to take a stand regarding this issue as he has yet to do so. In my mind, this fits under the description of holding him accountable as an elected official.

  • There's a method....

    Thanks to HS resident and Vivienne for the clarification. Of course my question about Mr. Petrone’s tenure was merely rhetorical. It’s obvious that the house which is Huntington Town Hall needs a good cleaning and, in my opinion, the sooner the better. My opinion on term limits in Huntington doesn’t change regardless of whether Mr. Mayoka belongs to the Tea Party or not.

    As for the NAACP’s accusation of Tea Party racism, I find it difficult to dignify any of that with a response (and no, I don’t belong to the Tea Party). Avalon, on the other hand, is just plain wrong for Huntington in every way imaginable.

  • HS resident

    Just to be clear, I too will support term limits whether or not Mr. Mayoka belongs to the Tea Party. I just need him to clarify this situation so there is no confusion as to where he stands.

  • Sad...

    Wish I could comment on the actual article here without it being lost in a pissing match. Here’s hoping…

    I think term limits for any elected official is an excellent idea. I would hope that the TOH board would defer to the community for this issue. In other words, I hope that they don’t see it as a personal attack to get them out and vote down the resolution purely for personal reasons. I think 16 to 20 years is way too long for any elected official to be in the same office. If you’d like to continue your service you should be moving on to seek other offices, perhaps at a County or State level. If you don’t think you are up to that challenge, well thanks for your service but we do need to be moving on.

    Thanks Mark for the survey. I hope it proves to be the evidence you need to convince the others that this is the right move for Huntington.

    As far as the limits themselves, I’m not sure 8 years is quite right. I would support terms similar to the BOE terms. 2 years at a time, gotta keep you folks honest!

  • My Town Too

    Board of Ed members get 3 year terms. I will say that for them, serving at least two terms, preferably three if they can and are worth it, is beneficial to the community. This way they get to go through contract negotiations, go to workshops to learn Ed Law, learn how the district works and how to get what is needed for the children etc. One term just doesn’t do it. If you always have new people, you are always dealing with someone who doesn’t know what they are doing or what they are allowed to do!

    As for TOH council members, I would imagine that more than one term is also necessary to learn the ropes. And since they have to raise money and campaign across the whole township as opposed to just a school district, it takes time to do that. Yes, they are paid and school board members aren’t. They should be held more accountable for their actions or lack thereof, but it seems most taxpayers don’t really know who they are or how they vote or what any issues are that they deal with.

    But I most certainly agree that continuously getting re-elected is not optimum for the town. New people, new ideas, change of balance can be good. I know I would have voted for other people had the opposing party put up a viable candidate who we could have some confidence in to do a good job.


    I did a Google search two days ago for (Mark Mayoka Tea Party) and the results showed that there was a $200 per plate fund raiser at the Thatched Cottage in Centerport in June sponsored by the CSA, for Mark Mayoka! So I guess Mark is a member of the CSA (Tea Party Movement).

    When Mr. Mayoka can distance from the Tea Party racist radicals, and demonstrate that he is a moderate, I and many others, will whole heartedly support him.

    As far as Avalon Bay is concerned, I’m still relying on Mark Mayoka to crunch the numbers and present an unbiased & factual report on the economic impact, whether positive or negative. So far, I’ve heard from NIMBY’S AND YIMBY’S but the most important line is the BOTTOM LINE in this project.

    It is still a fact that the MTA has the Avalon property in it’s plan for a 16 tract 24/7 LIRR Railyard necessary for East Side Access. Go to the MTA site and you will see that it is the only one of 6 original Huntington Station possible sites that is still under consideration.

    Let’s see now, Avalon Bay or Railyard Maintenance Facility…Hmm

    • Vivienne H. Wong

      The $200 a plate dinner was held by the Town of Huntington Republican Party. As to supporting him or not fyi – Mr. Mayoka is up for the next election in 2013. So I hate to say this all your posts are suspect if you cannot get the correct information as to who is hosting a dinner.

  • Sue

    Huntington was a two year term up till Mr. Petrone was elected and he changed the board to a 4 year term. Mr. Petrone stated that it took 2 years to figure out what he would be doing. So in the good old days prior to Petrone he would have had to go for election 9 times to arrive at the present time he is on the board. I think we should go back to 2 year terms. If we had 2 year terms we would not have the problems we are having now. Seems all the rules changed only benefited Petrone.

  • Joe Oliva

    Two terms of three years each sounds about right. Four years twice is too long.

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