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Checking Up on the Status of Huntington's Breezy Park

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The work on Breezy Park (Rogues Path & Oakwood Road in Huntington) may look like it has stopped but the pause is just temporary while the Town reconfigures some drainage issues and the sports fields are still on schedule to be completed for the spring of 2011. The VT put in a call to find out more on the new drainage system and Patricia Del Col, the Town’s director of the department of engineering services gave us this answer:
We had been looking at various alternatives to putting drainage structures in the parking lot. We have come up with a way to pipe all drainage to the recharge basin, to be located in the rear of the property. The fields themselves have an extensive drainage system that is piped to one point, then over to the recharge basin. We wanted to be sure we were capturing all other site runoff, and found a better way to do that: We will have two headwalls leading into the recharge basin, and have eliminated the need for about 12 pools in the parking lot. Translates into about $25,000 – $30,000 in savings. We expect construction activity to resume next week, if not later this week.

Dirt has been moved and we're waiting for construction vehicles

It’s become commonly known that arsenic and other pesticides are usually present at high levels in former Long Island farmland like the Breezy Park acreage. The Suffolk County Department of Health follows this protocol when dealing with arsenic contamination:
– The SCDH advised the Town of Huntington to follow a soil management plan upon learning that the soil tested had upper levels of arsenic and pesticides present.
– The TOH hired a consultant to make the fields safe for those who live near by and those who will be coming to play sports
– The contaminants are only in the top most layers of the soil; therefore they are mixed with “clean” soil so that the resulting mix is 4 parts per million arsenic or less.
– Dust suppression techniques will be employed in such a way as to prevent the arsenic and pesticide residues from going airborne.
– Turf and pavement will be put on top of most of the soil after it is mixed to a desirable level, further negating the dangers. The SCHD recommends that the town keep both intact and in good operating condition.
– The SCDH will take another 12 samples from various parts of the field after the mixing and inform the town of their findings and/or recommendations.

There were a few pipes laying around

The SCHD went on to assure the VT that they would err on the side of caution when checking acceptable levels of contaminants. They assume that a small child will be playing on that field everyday, all day for several years and take precautions based on that assumption.

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