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Stu Pitt is Haunted By Boo Berries

My name is Stuart, not “Stu.” But if you want to be a comedian, call me “Stu Pitt.” Ha ha ha. Like I never heard that one before.

Huntington has produced more than its fair share of talented storytellers.   Danny deBruin, like his Huntingtonian forebear Walt Whitman has chosen as his artistic mission to play back his community’s lives on the printed page.  Not wanting to be limited by the conventions of a newspaper as Whitman was with his Long Islander, deBruin has instead selected the graphic novel for a communication platform.  Whitman died penniless, yet he set a high standard for success by living true to himself and achieving his goals. deBruin has not yet died a pauper, yet if success is determined by the act of fulfilling one’s goals, then Danny deBruin too has succeeded.  deBruin set out to “create a really dumb and stupid book” and his graphic novel, I Am Stu Pitt, hits the mark.

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I Am Stu Pitt is so beautifully stupid, it’s funny. deBruin grew up in Huntington in the Late 70’s and early 80’s, which was a time in our country’s history notorious for its really bad television series and really bad breakfast cereals.  I am Stu Pitt is what it would be like if you spent your workdays alongside Wayne and Garth, and your bosses were Jim Cary and Jeff Daniels characters.  I had flashes of driving to Jones Beach with 10 high school friends, squeezed into a paneled station wagon while the boys sucker punch each other, play the air guitar and sip a warm Coors from cans.

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The main character is a 40-year-old  grocery store shelf stocker who is just waiting for his lucky break as a rock star.  He has no talent, looks or intelligence but that doesn’t stop him from dreaming.  Perhaps he may remind you of someone that you grew up with.  Stu is an everyman in everyone’s life and  you gotta love him. At night he witnesses the store come to life with the haunting from all of the overly sweet cereal box characters such as Captain Crunch, Boo Berry and Franken Berry.  (Is this a commentary on the behavioral affects of artificial additives and preservatives and sugar? Maybe deBruin isn’t as stupid as he pretends, we’ll let you decide) There are guest appearances from the likes of Mr T and the Fonz.   If you’re in the mood to laugh and remember what it’s like to be an adolescent who thinks that if only you could be a rock star all would be right with the world then grab a box of Count Chocula, pick up the incredibly dumb, I am Stu Pitt, and laugh until the Chocolate milk comes squirting out your nose.

Danny deBruin is a High School teacher who lives in Huntington with his wife and four children.

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