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Route 110 Improvements Still in Limbo

Hercules cleaning the Augean Stables or NYSDOT NOT fixing Route 110 flooding? You decide.

Senator Charles Schumer has said, “Each year, Long Island Sound produces over $8 billion of economic value from recreational activities. At the same time, storm-water runoff and treated sewage seep into the Sound each day, threatening the health of the Sound and the industries that rely upon it for recreation. Without upgrades to sewage treatment plants and plans to control pollution, the Sound is faced with the potential of serious damage.”

Huntington’s Wastewater management facility is located within a few hundred yards of Route 110’s low point and an area of regular flooding just north of Creek Road. Guess what runs into the Long Island Sound when this area floods?

The north end of Route 110 was constructed in its present form back in 1929.  The road and its drainage scheme has been essentially unchanged since then.  It was designated for improvement in 1992. This May, a short 18 years after being tagged for improvement, not to mention 81 years of regular flooding, the Town Council adopted multiple resolutions accepting payment from the State for property alongside the existing roadway that must be temporarily torn up to install drainage and in some cases permanently taken over by the state for the installation of the new roadway and roundabouts. In all, the Town will be paid $2.8 million by the State, with the Town reserving the right to ask for a higher valuation on a parcel (near the intersection of Route 100 and Creek Rd.) that the state has condemned and valued at $2.6 million.

Evidently a NY State budget that does not cover all projects has been agreed upon  and now it’s up to the Comptroller to decide which projects get funded.  The VT was told by more then one person at NYSDOT that the Route 110 Roadway and Drainage Project is a priority and everyone there wants it to happen. They also advised concerned citizens to spend 5 minutes and call (not email) their Senators and ask them to support this project. It has been put out to bid but the job has not yet been awarded to a contractor because budget approval is still pending. They are optimistic that if the stars align, within a month they can break ground.

Senator Carl Marcellino (516) 922-1811
Kirsten E Gillibrand (212) 688-6262
Senator Charles Schumer (631) 753-0978’s-time-warp/

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