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Mick Luckow, So Much Left Undone

Mick Luckow

Michael “Mick” Luckow, a 44-year-old Huntington resident, passed away suddenly this past Saturday night. Mick was an ever-present family man, always involved and playing with his three young boys.  Mick was generous with his time when it came to the community too.  This is what the Huntington Lax website said about Mick and his family, ”Carolyn, Mick and their kids are what this league is all about. People who care about and do things for others.  Please keep them all in your prayers”.

Mick and his family demonstrated their mettle in the way they  faced another family tragedy. After his wife Carolyn’s brother, Patrick Budani, suffered a paralyzing accident; Mick and his family took up the mission of raising money to help victims of spinal cord injuries.  The non-profit organization they founded to do this work is called Lucky Laces.

Needless to say when someone so good is taken away so young the devastation is deep. Mick’s funeral at Saint Patrick’s Church was standing room only. During his sermon Father Tom Fusco tried to console the gathered mourners, suggesting that they pick one of Mick’s many good traits and emulate that as a way of honoring and remembering him.

Huntington is a community that takes care of its own. A foundation has been set up to help Mick’s family get through this difficult time and the years ahead.

CSH, NY 11724

Think of me
as one you’d never figured
Would fade away so young
With so much left undone
Remember me to my love,
I know I’ll miss her.
-Neil Young

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