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Huntington Says Farewell to Vic Skolnick

Music in the CAC garden

Saturday morning brought a beautiful tribute to a life well lived.  Hundreds of people flocked to the Cinema Arts Centre to say good bye to a man who appreciated art in all forms and especially in film. If Vic had decided to pursue his first dream of being a jazz pianist,there is no doubt he would have still had as many admirers.  His partner Charlotte and son Dylan spoke of the beautiful times they shared with this kind and intelligent man.  They are committed to keeping the Cinema in line with the vision Vic had for it.  Premik Russel Tubbs, a good friend of Vic’s, performed a moving piece that he composed in Vic’s memory. Poetry readings and a video tribute were followed by a screening of one of Vic’s favorite films, Cherry Blossoms. With so many stories, laughter and tears being shared on Saturday it is amazing to think how one person has touched so many lives.  There is no doubt that Huntington is better place for  having known Vic Skolnick.

The town says good bye

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