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Two Women Arrested on Prostitution Charges in Huntington

Suffolk County Police today arrested two Flushing women for prostitution at a Huntington massage parlor.  Second Precinct Crime Section officers in conjunction with undercover  officers, conducted an investigation that revealed prostitution activity at the Acupuncture Acupressure massage parlor located at 866 West Route 25.  Massage tables, assorted body oils, towels, bedding and cash were seized after a search warrant was executed at 2:05 p.m. Employees were also performing massages without licenses.  Xuang Shuang He, 40, and Xiao-Hui Lu, 53, both of Flushing, were charged with Prostitution and Unauthorized Practice of a Profession. He and Lu will be arraigned at First District Court in Central Islip on

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4 comments to Two Women Arrested on Prostitution Charges in Huntington

  • Levy stinks

    Maybe we can open a school next to the prostituion site since it doesn’t matter if crime goes on right by our kids?

  • Tax dollars at work

    Great – how many happy endings did police get before arresting these women. I’m so glad to hear thousands were spent to take down these women performing the horrors of happy endings.

  • Zebby

    That’s awful, what were the names of these poor girls that have gone astray?

  • HeyNow

    This is outrageous! I am personally going to spearhead an investigation into rub and tugs on LI. If it means that I must visit and receive services from every establishment on Long Island then that’s what I’ll do! Somebody has got to step up to the plate and get their beak wet. Now that I think about it I should probably make repeat visits to the rub and tugs to make sure. No need to thank me, I get pleasure in knowing that I am making the community better.

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