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Butterflies, Marcie and Children Make a Beautiful Race

Nancy and Paul Mazzola ( white t-shirts center) surrounded by volunteers

What a day to appreciate the simple things like being able to take a breath on a perfect spring day. Runners don’t need much to lure them to a starting line but today was special and everyone felt it. Nancy and Paul Mazzola are remarkable people who have taken the personal tragedy of losing their daughter at 21 and turned it into a beautiful gift for other children.  After Marcie was involved in a fatal car accident, the Mazzolas followed Marcie’s wishes by having her organs donated and also raising funds to help children.  The Marcie Mazzola race in Huntington has grown over the last few years from 150 entries to 600 participants in today’s race.  All of the proceeds from this year’s race will go towards scholarships for underprivileged kids to attend the YMCA summer Camp.

After the race Marcie’s mother Nancy spoke about her daughter and explained that after Marcie passed away, butterflies appeared in abundance and in the most unusual places.  Butterflies are now the foundation’s signature. She asked that everyone remember to always wear his or her seatbelts.  Marcie died a mile from her home and if she hadn’t forgotten to put on her seat belt she might still been alive today. She must have been an amazing person to have such a ferociously passionate family who honor her every day by continuing her mission to help those children who need it most. It is truly inspiring and bittersweet that one young girl who died way too young has elevated the lives of countless others.

The Marcie Mazzola Foundation will be sponsoring a dinner and auction in the fall. Please check their website for more info. and race results.

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