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Up Creek Road Without a Paddle?

PFD checkpoint on Rte 110 in Huntington

Say it ain’t so Governor Dave.  It’s been over fourteen years in the works yet the Halesite Route 110 project did not have an approved contract in place before the New York State Legislature enacted an emergency spending measure at the end of March and now it might not happen.  According to a spokesperson in the Governor’s office, NYSDOT does not have the authority to approve the funding of  any new construction projects until the State Legislature enacts a 2010 budget or an emergency budget bill with provisions to fund specific new undertakings.

The Legislature is in recess until April 7th when both houses are scheduled to return.  When they are back in session the first order of business will be to enact some form of budget for 2010.  Once that is done, the government can then address which specific projects will and will not be funded in the newly enacted budget.  Until then Huntington residents’ only course of action is to call and email our representatives in support of the construction plan for Route 110.

So far, holding my breath to keep the Chevy’s engine dry as I ford the current to get into Waldbaum’s for dog food and ice pops has been a success but just in case this method loses its mojo we need to be pro-active while the legislature gets back to work.  If Vermont state officials can award $150,000 for a salamander crossing, surely New York should be capable of finding funds to improve our human passage through Halesite. The VT was told by a NYSDOT spokesperson that our Town Council even approved installation of the more aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sound LED lights as part of the proposed upgrade.  We are so close!

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