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Morning Driving Through the Roundabout

Huntington's traffic circle, love it or leave it

I propose we stop the Gerard Street round-about madness. It’s a source of irritation for many of our fellow Huntingtonians. Drivers who are traveling east on Gerard Street, in front of the post office, speed through the round-about with no regard for the many vehicles at Clintin Avenue. Sometimes there’s a long line of cars waiting to enter the round-about at Clint0n Ave, to no avail because the procession of eastbound cars is flying by. I often zoom past those poor souls and think how glad I am to be traveling east on Gerard. There have even been a few times when I’ve glanced (as I sped by) at Clinton Ave drivers napping on their steering wheels or against their windows. Man, they were probably waiting a long time.

For the westbound Gerard Street drivers, it’s also a little hairy because they don’t always realize that they must wait for cars that are already proceeding through the circle. Many times, I have happily jetted into the circle on my way to the post office and then, oops, I realize that I’ve just cut someone off.

At each of the three openings; eastbound Gerard, westbound Gerard and Clint0n Avenue, there are yield signs. A yield sign indicates that the driver must prepare to stop if need be, but it’s not necessary if the coast is clear. If a driver does stop, they yield their right of way to another vehicle. So, what I think is happening is that the drivers at Clinton Avenue are super courteous and are always willing to stop, even though they are only required to yield, therefore are giving up the right of way to the east bounders who are probably in more of a hurry anyway.

It would be nice if all the east bounders, on occasion, gave up the right of way to the Clinton Avenue drivers. They have, after all shown that they are courteous and patient and we should all throw them a bone. So, please consider stopping at the eastbound Gerard yield sign to give those Clinton Avers a friendly “go ahead” wave.

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3 comments to Morning Driving Through the Roundabout

  • Vicky Wise

    Top of New York Ave and Mill Dam – double roundabout to start construction the end of this month. The board loves roundabouts

  • roundabout

    Roundabouts – from the people who brought you the Easter Egg hunt and fail to make JAI safe? This makes the rocket scientists on the School Board look good. But then again its pretty dumb to have your kid on News channel 12 saying how she feels safe with all the copes and security guards around. It just gets better every day!

  • anonymous

    Firetrucks and ambulances can’t manuaver around the roundabouts that are in town now! Hopefully they make the new one wide enough so they can get around it. For that matter firetrucks and ambulances can’t get into the parking garage at the huntington train station . Somehow they did not take into consideration emergency vehicles when it was built.

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