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The Worst Easter Egg Hunt Ever

Et Tu Mr. Easter Bunny?

Councilman Mark Cuthbertson and the Town of Huntington sponsored an Easter Egg Hunt at Hecksher Park today.  Spring was in full bloom as the sun shone down on the crowd and the flowers and trees that are starting to bud. Hundreds of children showed up for an unexpected first-hand lesson in what a recession is. Parents with over-excited children in tow all flocked to the park where they were asked to stay behind guardrails until the whistle blew.

Take no prisoners

Kids eyed up the competition and found a good spot, ready to shoulder anyone out of the way who tried to grab an egg that might be within their grasp. As soon as the whistle blew pigtails and baseball caps went sailing as the kids took off running and giggling.

Egg hunters in action

Slowly quietness started to settle in as parents and children eagle eyed the grass and each other’s baskets only to realize that just a swift few scored a candy-filled egg.

Did anyone see an egg?

The murmurings got louder, “Did you even SEE an egg?” and then the tears began in earnest.  Parents ambled across the park with their unhappy broods and waited on line to make a pair of paper bunny ears, throw a bean bag or two or buy an ice cream or balloon from the two overwhelmed vendors on the edge of the park. Candy rots your teeth anyway.

But mine are just baby teeth

Check out the gallery for more Egg Hunt photos:

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2 comments to The Worst Easter Egg Hunt Ever

  • Huntington Mom

    !!What a fiasco. All he did today was make hundereds of little children cry. No organization, not enough eggs, muddy grass, eggs placed in unsafe places (like on the tops of fences), 2 yr olds together with 10 yrs olds, ripped portions of 2×4 boards on the fields, security guards that couldnt open the gates to let kids into the playground area to try to get eggs resulting in little ones getting crushed.

    And then to top it all off, cuthbertson, petrone and that B^tch berland send town workers to buy candy to give to the 95% of kids who didnt get an egg. Yes, that’s right they instructed middle aged men (with questionable hygiene) to try to give candy to little girls without their parents permission.

    It is clear that the town does not care about safety for our children, either around JAI or in general.

  • Anonymous



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