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Mayor Morrow Caught Moonlighting Behind the Bar

Mayor Herb Morrow mans the bar at Abel Conklin's

The Mayor of Huntington Bay, Herb Morrow, did  his best Sam Malone impersonation at Abel Conklin’s Steakhouse in Huntington today. We were incredulous to learn that he has  no previous experience as a bartender on his resume yet  he knew his way around the bar like a sorority girl at Saks

Herb Morrow starts with the correct form

With a graceful flick of his wrist Mayor Morrow adjusts the glass just so to catch the amber liquid at the prescribed angle while thirsty customers size up Conklin’s guest bartender.

It’s a perfect pour and Morrow’s fans all admire his finesse with the tap.

Rich McGrath (l) Andrew Rai(r)

There’s something about this bartender that has Steve,

Steve , Anne and Des

Anne and Des staying through happy hour and beyond. Fortunately  for Herb he had Denise to help him out when he was asked to mix up a Weedwacker or Bloody Brain. According to Herb, he’s strictly a beer and wine kind of bartender.

Herb and Denise

The VT asked Mayor Morrow how he ended up behind the bar at Conklin’s on a Monday night?  He was there because he really enjoys Abel Conklin’s; it’s been the place to meet his fellow Hibernians and neighbors through the years. He’s hoping to help bring them some extra business on what is typically a slow night in the Village. There may be some big changes coming up for the restaurant.  According to Conklin’s manager Cassie, a company that currently owns several restaurants in Huntington is finalizing the purchase of the restaurant over the next six weeks. With the passing of Abel Conklin’s owner a few years back, the inheriting estate hasn’t been able to keep the finances in the green and are forced to sell. The new owners are planning to keep the restaurant a steak house but no word on how much they plan on changing things.  Abel Conklin’s is truly a Huntington landmark and one of the closest places to Cheers in our town. We sincerely hope that the new owners keep the staff who have been there for years and the integrity of this homey and familiar steakhouse.  Once the new owners take over it would be good to send them a note if you are hoping, like us here at the VT, that they see fit to fix the things that are broken and leave the charm and the staff who are comfortably familiar with so many of us locals.

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