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Knockout Drops Rouse Chesterfields

No Lullabys on tap at Chesterfields Saturday night

Chesterfield’s Blues and Jazz Lounge in Huntington Village and the area musicians have long had a symbiotic friendship with great benefits for Huntington music fans. Although Chesterfields has gone through a few name changes over the past 25 years (Fast Eddies, Top of the Town) it remains the one place in Huntington Village that you could depend on to have live music. Last night the place was packed with fans of local favorite indie rockers The Knockout Drops.  KOD got their start here in Huntington and moved on to New York City where they’ve accumulated a large following.

Upon first sighting lead singer Chris Campion sporting a backwards blazer, the uninitiated might be prompted to call the EMTs as he twitches seizure-like onstage. Nonetheless, most of the crowd at Chesterfields last night was psyched to have the boys back home including Campion’s entertaining Elaine dance. The Knockout Drops performances are diverse and rich partly due to lead singer Chris Campion’s uncensored one -liners and full engagement with the audience.   In fact during the first set break Campion spent fifteen minutes autographing his autobiographical book Escape from Bellevue which he will also be reprising as a one man Off-Broadway show in the upcoming months.

One of the group’s greatest strengths is they are like a long married couple that has never lost the passion of its genesis.  Campion has the voice and personality of a rock star and the wit of an Irish Ricky Gervais. The hugely talented Tom Licameli, (Lead Guitar, backing vocals,) Philip Mastrangelo, (Bass Guitar) and Vinny Cimino, (Drums)) are happy to let Chris loose on the crowd while they rock out together.

The whole night had the flavor of a school reunion complete with bumping into third grade crushes, fat prom queens and hot ex-band camp trumpeters. Man this was a great place to grow up!  The only negatives were seeing the receding hairlines and growing waistlines and knowing that time is passing. We’re not sure when the Knockout Drops will be heading back to ‘Ting town but in the meantime if it’s Greenwich Village ambience and local music you’re longing for then check out the many other acts appearing at Chesterfields Blues and Jazz Lounge.

Speaking of getting out.  For a list of upcoming activities, check out our events calendar.

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