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UUPS! Thought That Was the Brake

UPS now has drive in service

A loud explosion scared the heck out of our local Southdown UPS employees today. Fortunately no one was using the often-busy copy machines where the sports utility vehicle parked around 12:15 this afternoon.  Evidently the woman driver had confused the break and the gas when she pulled into the parking space.  When speaking with the shaky employees we discovered that only about a year and a half ago a driver pulled his car through the front window on the other side of the building.  Looks like they need to put up some car decals on those big windows to keep the cars from driving into them. Hey, it works for  the birds.

Bob Bosmann of All Type Glass & Store Front was on the scene in less than an hour. He was unfazed by the whole thing and reported  that he gets calls at least ten times a year for cars going through store front windows.  The worst one that he remembers was when a taxi went seventy miles an hour through the front of a Wendy’s and ended up 20 feet into the restaurant.   I hate it when they forget the Ketchup too. Fortunately no one was hurt then either.

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