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Open Letter to Frank Petrone from Resident Matt Harris

An Open letter To Supervisor Frank Petrone.

Supervisor Petrone,

I am sure you aware of the most recent shootings in Huntington Station, most notably on Thursday, March 11th ,2 blocks from Jack Abrams, and another shooting last Wednesday night on Broadway.

I am greatly dismayed that you could not attend the rally against crime around Jack Abrams Intermediate School this past Friday afternoon right in front of Town Hall, and sent Councilwoman Berland in your place.

I am equally dismayed that you could not attend the Huntington School board meeting last Monday the 15th to address these critical issues yourself, and sent your personal assistant in your place. This town needs and deserves a full time Supervisor.

Had you attended the school board meeting, you would have heard County Legislator Lou D’Amaro, who did find time in his busy schedule to attend, state that in a 9 month period last year ending December 31st, Suffolk County PD confiscated over 200 guns from criminals off the streets of Huntington Station. I can only imagine how many more guns are still out there.

Recently, Suffolk Police Commissioner Dormer blamed the escalation of violent, gun related crimes in and around Huntington Station on lax Town code enforcement.

I have just read the Committee report on revitalization of Huntington Station you commissioned. While I am happy to see more code enforcement officers have been hired, I do not see solutions to the root causes of crime in my neighborhood.

When you concentrate most of the accessory apartments, public housing, and Section 8 voucher rentals in one small area of the Town, as well as the only publicly funded and government sanctioned day labor site on Long Island, as you have done in Huntington Station, crime is inevitable. As in the movie, “Field of Dreams”, build it, and they will come. And come they did.

What these failed housing policies have created is a large “transient” population in a small confined area around the train station that does not care about the community in which they live. Is it any wonder there is little or no civic pride or organizations around the Station?

This did not happen by accident, nor did it happen overnight. This is a case of benign neglect and poor Town planning going all the way back to the Huntington Station “urban renewal” in the 1960’s.

This is not the “suburbia” I moved to Huntington Station for, to raise my family.

Your predecessors may have created these problems, but you and your administration have only compounded them. The Suffolk Police department can only do so much. And, I applaud their efforts. They are listening. Are you Sir?

I do not advocate the shuttering of Abrams, as it sends the wrong message to the criminals. And what does it say for those of us that still must live here with the crime?

The sleeping giant of concerned Huntington school district parents have awoken and spoke.

The time is now to fix the damage that has been done to my once beautiful community of Huntington Station. Not next week, or next month. Now. The residents of Huntington Station will no longer wait. And adding more high-density housing or brick sidewalks will not solve this issue either.

If you and your subordinates are unable or unwilling to do the will of the people that live here, then I welcome H.U.D., the F.B.I. and I.C.E. to come to Huntington Station, as Congressman Israel has suggested, and do it for you.

The residents of Huntington Station, and the parents of the Huntington School district, will not allow Town government to “dump” on us any longer.

Matt Harris

Huntington Station

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2 comments to Open Letter to Frank Petrone from Resident Matt Harris

  • great letter

    Great letter!!! And HOW could this Supervisor of ours still be in hiding????

  • Frank doubter

    Great letter? That must be you Frank Petrone! Thanks for noticing us Frank and i know it must be you because no one else could reasonably view such political diatribe as “great”. Oh, by the way, if you want I can pick you up at the airport if you happen to make it back to Huntington.

    By the way, don’t drive through Huntington Station late at night it might be too dangerous for you. During the day they say its ok or maybe that’s just because the 9, 10 and 11 year olds are more nimble than you.

    We miss you Frank, please come back!

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