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Three People Found Unconscious on Houseboat in Huntington Harbor

Suffolk County Police Homicide Squad detectives are investigating the deaths of three adults that were found unconscious on a houseboat in Huntington Harbor in Huntington.

Suffolk County Police received a 911 call reporting three unconscious adults on a houseboat in Huntington Harbor at 8:53 p.m. Tuesday evening. Second Precinct Police Officers John Peter Guadioso and Timothy Tonkin rowed a small dinghy to the houseboat, which was 200 feet offshore.

When they reached the boat, they saw a man attempting to remove an unconscious woman from the houseboat. The police officers discovered two additional unconscious men on the boat, removed them to a small dock and performed CPR until the arrival of additional rescue personnel.

All three victims were transported to Huntington Hospital where they were pronounced dead. The victims were identified as Juan Torres, 43, of Huntington Station, Patrick Franklin, 45, of Port Jefferson and Susan Franklin, 44, of Port Jefferson. Patrick and Susan were married.

Police discovered a portable generator on the boat. The generator is suspected to have been the source of the fumes that caused the victims to become unconscious.

Homicide Squad detectives and officers from the Suffolk County Police Marine Bureau will conduct an examination of the houseboat. The investigation is continuing.

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