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Latest School Budget Proposal Increases Food Fight Risk

One of several ugly budget cut consequences.

Like Rex Ryan’s surgeon last week, the Board of Education took to the grim task of trimming the 2010/11 school year budget without crippling the patient.  During Monday night’s meeting, the Board outlined cutting an additional $285,000 in (mostly staffing) expenses, which would lower the necessary tax increase from 3.5%, projected last week, to 3.18% in the new scheme.  HUFSD’s Assistant Superintendent for Personnel and General Services, Jospeh Gianni, discussed how staffing would be affected by this plan.   Overall, nearly 29 full time employees will be removed from the district payroll.  Cuts will occur in every school and in the administrative offices.  The elementary schools in the district will lose nine teachers; secondary schools will lose seven teachers and 13 non-instructional staffers in the schools and an administration position will be cut.

Class sizes at two of the most crowded primary schools, Flower Hill and Washington, will increase.   Jefferson, Southdown and Washington Schools each stand to lose a special education teacher.  The district hopes to reduce special ed. staffing needs by consolidating the program to a single location.  The elementary school will also lose a librarian and will see phys. ed. and ESL staff reduced.

Finley Middle School will lose two teachers, which will touch a range of subjects including special education, ESL and reading.  Huntington High faces five cuts including a guidance counselor.  At the request of board member John Paci, the board is looking into saving the guidance counselor who is enormously popular with students and parents.

Thirteen integrated co-teaching aides (aka teacher’s assistants) will be eliminated and a staffer will be eliminated from the central office.  The closest thing to a bright spot in the plan is the elimination of a cafeteria monitor, which should lift the spirits of the little John Belushi-wannabe food fighters in town.

Gianni’s full plan is posted on the HUFSD website.

If you have specific concerns or ideas regarding the budget you can email or call the trustees or attend the next budget discussion during the 7:30 pm April 12th BOE meeting at Jack Abrams Intermediate on Lowndes Avenue, Huntington Station.  The BOE will meet again the following week to adopt the budget on April 19th at 7:30, also at JAI.

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7 comments to Latest School Budget Proposal Increases Food Fight Risk

  • taxpayer

    Is the rumor true that some administrators will be getting a pay raise?

  • where's kim?

    Stop being so silly about buses! Kim Brown has said your child is safe – and since she has lived here along time she can’t be questioned. oh wiat, maybe that’s because she’s too scared to have her office at JAI

    Bad for the kids, bad for huntington – Kim Brown should disqualify herself from this debate!

  • Anonymous

    Taxpayers do pay for the busses to St. Pats, Chaminade, etc…., but those parents are taxpayers too and have every right to use of the buses. Ticked off’s info is not accurate, there is not door to door service or 2 buses to Chaminade. If taxpayers choose to send their children to Catholic schools they are giving up many valuable public school services, but they should still be able to get the busing that they pay for. As far as Eastwoods, I believe those buses belong to the school and have nothing to do with our taxes.

  • ticked off

    go to finley tomorrow at 6:45 am and you’ll see the boys loading up. I forgot to mention LUHI- call the transportation office Anonymous you are sadly mistaken.

  • Anonymous

    Ticked off……..chill out. I didn’t say the bus wasn’t picking them up at Finley. I said there were not two buses. Believe me, I am at that stop every morning with my son. The bus drives to Southdown and a few other stops before heading to Chaminade. It is 1 bus. The parents of the boys going to that school pay taxes and have a right to bus service. I am not sadly mistaken. And why would I call the transportation dept?

  • Are you kidding?

    Voting down the budget harms ALL children in our district. You aren’t a hero by doing so, you are thoughtless.

  • abc

    Your thoughtless if you think the school should stay and child won;t be hurt or killed!

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