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Huntington’s Salute to the Brits: Canterbury Ales

Settle in for a pint or two

A cozy, warm English pub is the perfect place to thaw out fingers and toes after a brisk romp outside in this cold damp weather. With the recession and scary characters on planes, a trans-Atlantic flight is not likely going to happen this year for many of us. Luckily we don’t have to miss out on those tasty pints of lager and warm kidney pies because Huntington Village has Canterbury Ales. It’s been a while since we’ve had a meal at Canterbury’s so we stopped in for dinner.  The place was busy and noisy but it was also warm and friendly.

The restaurant is divided into two rooms and has booths tucked along the walls.  There are several freestanding tables on both sides as well.  The bar is comfortable if you need to wait or just want to belly up there all night and chat with the friendly bartender and sample a selection of beers.  It’s quite a selection at that. There are over twenty beers on tap and over fifty different bottled beers.  The wine list is mid-range and has a small but decent assortment as well. There are pictures of English countryside and coats of arms and some pretty stained glass windows throughout the restaurant to set that English ambience.

The waitresses are all attentive and easy going. We ordered a veggie burger with mushrooms and a spinach salad, French onion soup, a Cornish pasty and a Lady Prioress sandwich.   Everyone was happy with his or her meal.  The french onion soup is cheesy with a little bit of it toasted at the top and the bread is nice and thick.  The onions are roasted to there dark caramel sweetness. The veggie burger is served on a huge white bun that is much more bread then is needed but the burger and mushrooms were just what you’d expect and there was no trouble having the salad instead of the fries that usually come with it. For those of you unfamiliar with a Cornish pasty, it is boneless chicken breast and pork sausage mixed with peas, carrots and mashed potatoes tucked inside of a flaky pastry and served with brown gravy.  There are plenty of other hearty choices for the meat lover as well.

If meat is not really your thing than the Lady Prioress is a good choice. It is a sandwich made up of mushrooms, alfalfa sprouts, avocado, coleslaw, and tomatoes topped with mozzarella on a garlic Kaiser role.  It is crunchy and good and very filling.

For dessert I recommend Marianne’s chocolate decadence cake.  It is really rich and chocolate and there is plenty to share with fellow diners so you won’t feel so guilty when the plate is empty.

Canterbury Ales has a children’s menu , so bring those cheeky monkeys along, they’ll be  welcomed with crayons and plastic cups with straws.  It’s fun to bring them earlier in the night but even more fun to go later with grown up friends.  They get a small bar crowd on the weekends and often there is a wait to get a table during prime dining hours but it’s worth it if you are in the mood for a casual and comfortable meal.  We give Canterbury Ales 4 stars for great service, nice homey atmosphere and satisfying English fare.

You can check out the menu on our restaurant link: Canterbury Ales

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