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Like Flies to Wanton Boys, They Play with Us For Their Sport: Huntington’s Time Warp

Rte 110 on a rainy day

by Rosey Mulderrig

Recognize this photo? This is the corner of Creek Road and New York Avenue.  The area floods so badly it becomes a deep water wake boarding destination covering almost a linear mile every time it rains heavily for more than 20 minutes. This section of New York Avenue was originally constructed in 1929.  Aside from a few minor tweaks in the 80‘s virtually no improvements have been made on the road’s drainage issues since the discovery of Penicillin.

Shopping by gondola in Venice is one thing but having to join the polar bear club to get to King Kullen for a gallon of milk and a carton of O.J. is ridiculous.

Interestingly, the area was designated for project development in 1992. Then a year went by and the New York Sate Department of Transportation, (NYSDOT) staff proposed the project with input from residents and businesses at a Public Information/Scoping meeting, held on May 21, 2003. The project then experienced some type of time warp and  the next thing we know, it’s four years later and there is an Open Forum Public Hearing to “encourage public participation to identify issues/concerns of the local community associated with this project” that was held at the Huntington Public Library, on November 14, 2007.

Let’s jump forward again to the present. The road engineering project is in the final design stage and with all of the time put in it must be a doozie!. The bid opening is expected to be in Winter 2009/2010 and construction is expected to be completed in the summer of 2011. The NYSDOT project for RT 110 will allegedly:

  • Reduce the frequency of flooding of the NY Route 110 low point between Hill Place and Creek Road. (Ducks will need to re-locate)
  • Provide a safer roadway. (Will not be stuck in a flood with a car full of screaming kids)
  • Improve storm water roadway runoff. (Wakeboarders will have to re-locate)
  • Improve traffic flow. (Cars other than Chitty Chitty Bang Bang can reasonably expect to  drive from the Halesite Fire department all the way to Hecksher Park after a rain storm)
  • Minimize the impacts to surrounding properties and the community. (No more soggy chips in 7 Eleven or lobster break-outs from Jeff’s Seafood)
  • Enhance pedestrian movement. (Without additional accessories such as gondolas or wet suits)
  • Provide a smoother riding surface. (The fruit roll ups currently filling in the  cracks are wearing thin)

The project that was begun in 1992 is now planned to be completed nine years later. NYSDOT asserts that it is currently in the final design stage, however we all know that “there is many a slip between the cup and the lip”, so if you’d like to encourage the likelihood of this happening before you retire to Florida, here are a few people you might want to contact with a quick email and a gentle prod ( or a hot poker ):
Charles Schumer, –

“Each year, the Long Island Sound produces over $8 billion of economic value from recreational activities. At the same time, storm-water runoff and treated sewage seep into the Sound each day, threatening the health of the Sound and the industries that rely upon it for recreation.  Without upgrades to sewage treatment plants and plans to control pollution, the sound is faced with the potential of serious damage.”

Kirsten E Gillibrand,-

2nd Congressional District: Steve J. Israel, –
5th New York State Senatorial District: Carl Marcellino-

“Your state senator works for the citizens of your district. Contact Carl L Marcellino if you have concerns about issues affecting your community.”
10th New York State Assembly District: James D., Conte,-

“If you have any questions or concerns regarding legislation or are in need of

assistance in dealing with a state agency, please feel free to contact my district office. My staff and I are here to help.”

*Stand up for your rights and demand satisfaction from your elected legislators.*

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