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When Nancy Met Leslie

Some Leaders are Born Women Series-

By Rosey Mulderrig

When Leslie Sullivan was studying at The Fashion Institute of Technology and working in the garment district little did she know that she was about to cross paths with a future best friend and business partner.  Leslie loved fashion and eventually had her own line.  Nancy O’Gorman was working in the garment industry with a dream of becoming a designer. Crazy little thing called love got in the way and they each met their future husbands got married and had a child.  After the birth of their first child neither felt comfortable leaving their babies in daycare and opted instead to exit the workforce.

Both women now have three children with the oldest being young teens so they regrouped last year and decided that the time was right to get back to work yet they weren’t sure what to do.  After a comical attempt at making headbands that ended up in the dumpster they began to sell pocketbooks.  Although business was going fairly well it still wasn’t right.  Since they both had maintained relationships in the fashion world they were able to get into showrooms in Manhattan and purchase items in bulk to bring back to Long Island and sell at great discounts.  Now Leslie and Nancy are back in fashion and sharing cocktails again, only this time they have many others who are raising their glasses with them.

Nancy and Leslie travel all over Long Island for their Xxtra parties. Friends, family  and others host them and receive 10% of the proceeds Just this week they had Five parties plus a grand opening of their temporary new store in the gazebo at Main Street Nursery located at 475 W. Main Street, Huntington. They sell fabulous scarves, hats, pocketbooks, jewelry, and more. On opening day they already were busy with women shopping for great Holiday gifts that range from $5 to $60. They will be at this location until December 24th, email them for store hours.

Leslie and Nancy are working towards their goal of having a permanent storefront and think that it will be in the not too distant future.  They will continue with their wine and cheese parties at a permanent location because they love the socializing and girls’ night out feel that comes with the shopping, “Who wouldn’t want their friends opinion on what to wear” Nancy pointed out.  Due to their inexpensive but pricey looking items, they feel that it really empowers women in a time where many women can’t afford to shop like they used to.

The work takes them away from their families but both of their  husbands are very supportive and handle the business side of the business while their kids are learning that mom is pretty diverse in what she can do. Leslie told us that sharing this common goal has actually brought them all closer to one another. When the Village Tattler asked Nancy what she would say to anyone thinking of starting a business while raising a family she replied that if you do what you love it’s a lot easier than you think.  It’s still a lot of work but both of the ladies are having a blast. I think that part of their success lies in the fact that these two women are so convivial that you want to stay and share some wine and cheese with them .  If you wish to contact them go to or stop in the gazebo this month at the main Street Nursery.

-Don’t give a woman advice; one should never give a woman anything she can’t wear in the evening-Oscar Wilde

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