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St. Anthony’s Continues on Their Road to a Championship: Defeat Holy Cross Knights 28-7 in Semi-Final Game

Friars Are Fired UP!

The St. Anthony’s Friars did it again, taking down the Holy Cross Knights 28-7 in a semi-final matchup this past Saturday. QB Tom Schreiber led the offensive attack with two quick rushing touchdowns in the first quarter of 57 and 44 yards. “We knew how important this win was,” said Schreiber. “We had to send a message to the league that we’re back and I think we did.” The Friars definitely got their message across, rushing for 212 yards in the first half (more than half by Schreiber). Colby Fiedler, the Friars’ fullback rushed for two TD’s of his own, from 1 and 36 yards out. The Offensive Line, led by Tackle Dan Naja, ran over the Holy Cross defense creating gaping holes for the Friars’ runners.

The Friars defense, a dominant force in this victory, held the Holy Cross offense to one score in the first quarter and nothing after. Big plays by the defensive line and linebacker core, led by Shane Scorzelli, helped secure the lead throughout the game. The Friar offense didn’t score after the first quarter, making the consistency of the defense crucial in this victory.

This win carries the Friars to the Catholic League Championship against the undefeated Holy Trinity Titans next Saturday. The game will be played at Mitchell Field at 1 P.M. The winner of that game takes home the Michael Cunnion Memorial Trophy.

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