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Some Leaders Are Born Women:Huntington’s Wendy Toomey

By Rosey Mulderrig

“Some Leaders Are Born Women”

At this time in history it appears that more women are pursuing business opportunities. These financially difficult times are a cause of worry for many families however there are some women who have decided that they are not going to wait for the next shoe to drop, but are going to attack this recession head on.

Wendy Toomey of Huntington is a fighter and a charmer.  She and her sisters create and sell vintage bracelets and musings under their brand “Your Charmed Life”.

Wendy grew up in Huntington with her four sisters and graduated from Providence College in Road Island.  After spending some time living in NYC and working in the advertising business she went back to school and received her degree in education.  She spent a year working at Lloyd Harbor School prior to her marriage to her college sweetheart.  Her husband was re-located and Wendy traveled with him and stayed out of the workforce while she focused on raising her four children.  She moved back to her hometown of Huntington in 2002.

Wendy’s mother was an art teacher in the Huntington School district and passed the love of art to her daughters. Two of her sisters are painters and Wendy had not really tapped into her artistic potential until now.  Her older sister in Ohio is her full time partner while her other two sisters who live here in New York work part time in the business.

Wendy’s mother gave each of the girls charm bracelets for there first Holy Communion and these remained very special to them. This has been the inspiration behind “Your Charmed Life”. The sisters acquire their supplies from antique stores and estate sales around the country to  make their one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets and earrings out of vintage costume jewelry.  Since she does not have to pay for a store-front she can offer her jewelry at very affordable prices. Wendy is a little surprised at how positive the response has been to her jewelry and now she has to decide if she should  hire more people to keep up with the demand or to keep it small enough where she can maintain the creative control. She is leaning towards having a smaller output so that she can continue with the quality that her customers have come to expect.

Although it is difficult caring for four children and making jewelry, Wendy finds it an extremely rewarding and creative outlet to make these wearable art forms.  She enlists her oldest daughter in the shows and house parties where she sells her wares so that even though she is working it is a bonding experience for the two of them.  When she can she brings the rest of the children with her as she travels.

We asked Wendy what advice she would give to other women toying with starting a business and she suggests starting out slowly and bouncing ideas off a trusted source. Without her sisters and her husband she does not know if she would have been confident enough to take the risk that she has.  “There will be days when you doubt yourself and these are the times when it really helps to have someone who can be honest and supportive.”

If you are interested in finding out where “Your Charmed Life” will be or you just want to stop by and see the collection, email

You Must do the thing that you Think you cannot do.*

– Eleanor Roosevelt

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