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Coming Together to Save a Community

United for a common good

Last night the Reverend Bernadette Watkins held a Candlelight Vigil outside Jack Abrams Intermediate School in Huntington Station. She called the vigil asking everyone in the community to come together and pray for peace and safety of the children and families in the Huntington School district and the surrounding communities as well.   Watkins said that her hope is for the area around JAI to be free of guns, violence and drugs. She thanked the crowd for demonstrating their hope and acknowledged that many came with heavy hearts, remembering loved ones that have been lost.

The Reverend Watkins said she expected to see more children in attendance but seemed understanding that many parents had come without their young ones in tow. She was feeling positive and said that this was just the beginning and “We are going to keep on doing it until we get it right.” The children need to know that we love them and God loves them!” She was pleased to see school board members, councilmen Mark Cuthbertson, and Stuart Besson, and Huntington Town Supervisor, Frank Petrone.

She then led everyone in a round of singing “He’s got the Whole World in His Hands”.  After that she asked everyone to turn to their neighbor and say,” I love you and there is nothing that you can do about it.”

It was poignant to see the small crowd of politicians, school board members, parents of JAI students and local residents join together in prayer and candlelight.  The Reverend Watkins hoped that by the presence of all those who came, the children will feel that God is with them and will protect them.  She would like that when the students enter their school each day they have the confidence to become anything they want including, a doctor, a lawyer,a surgeon or an honor student.

Supervisor Petrone and Councilman Besen

The Reverend Watkins finished with a prayer to God to build a fence of protection around the school and around the children.  Every person in attendance left with a smile and possibly a small glimmer of hope that the community can become a better and safer place if everyone stands side by side for what is right.

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