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Huntington Love’s Tennis and Solow Sports

Derek, Doris and Doris Rose

Calling all tennis and platform tennis aficionados.  Solow Sports at 10 West Neck Road in Huntington is your place for gear. The owners, Derek Hsiang and Doris Maffia and staff Doris-Rose Maffia are extremely courteous and knowledgeable.  Derek graduated from Cold Spring Harbor High School where he played on the tennis team but did not continue in college. After graduating college he pursued a career in finance.  During this time he picked up his racket again and realized that his heart wasn’t in his current career but in tennis so he quit, followed his passion and started up a website for tennis gear.  However, he found that his suppliers wanted his website to have a brick and mortar store.

In July of 2009, Doris Maffia had just finished up close to 30 years at Tennis Sport in Long Island city when she and Derek had a fortuitous meeting facilitated by friends.  They chose a location, hired Doris-Rose Maffia… because her name was so freakishly close to Doris Maffia’s own name …and also she was pretty… and her daughter… who happens to love tennis. Solow Sports strings and carries everything you need for tennis as well as a section devoted to paddle.

According to Doris-Rose, the community’s response has been overwhelming and Derek’s devotion to the sport is paying off.

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